Shout Out Louds - "Blue Ice"

A 7″ single made out of ice is a ridiculous thing that obviously should not exist, but Merge is still putting together 10 extremely limited ice-boxes pressed with “Blue Ice,” the first single in a few years from the Swedish band Shout Out Louds. The song itself is a smooth and pretty in a downbeat sort of way, and you can hear it below. There’s also a video of the ridiculous process that goes into making records out of ice.

A new Shout Out Louds album will arrive next year.

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  1. Allow me to “break the ice” (pun definitely intended) by saying that as uniquely bad as this idea is, it would be a pleasure to ruin my turntable with a record that slowly turns into water. Finally, a record more potentially dangerous to play than Jack White’s Sixteen Saltines single.

  2. While the ice idea is plain crazy, I love this band.

  3. This song has been on repeat all day, love there guys!!

  4. I think they’ve been watching too much Metalocalypse.

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