Tegan And Sara - "Closer" Video

In Tegan And Sara’s new video for the fired-up and catchy single “Closer,” the Quin twins put their party-rocking skills on display at an adorable teenage rager. The song, it bares mentioning, has aged really well in the past couple of months. Isaac Rentz directs; watch the video along with a behind-the-scenes clip below.

Tegan And Sara’s new album Heartthrob is out 1/29 on Sire.

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  1. A little Robyn goes a long way.

    • I don’t think anyone would complain if more artists started sounding like Robyn.

    • Tegan and Sara have been making records for over 12 years. Their sound has changed, but they don’t sound like Robyn. Go home, you’re drunk.

      • Thanks, Kaitlyn. Did your knee smash into your schnozz when it jerked its way through your comment? I’m old enough to remember when Tegan and Sara were 2 shrub-headed Ani DiFranco’s as well.
        The comparison wasn’t a criticism; I like the song, and I hear a lot of post 2010 Robyn-isms in it. If you don’t, that’s cool.

  2. Hm. I’ll just say… I like them better not so happy, synth poppy sounding. I agree their sound has changed pretty regularly. This one particular song just isn’t really doing it for me. Need to check it out in the context of the whole album, I guess.

  3. Can we just talk about the screen-capping that goes on at Stereogum… is it intentional or what?

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