Flying Lotus - "Tiny Tortures" Video (Feat. Elijah Wood)

Flying Lotus’s musical productions are bizarre, inventive, dreamlike works, so it’s fitting that the video for “Tiny Tortures” (from FlyLo’s fantastic recent Until The Quiet Comes) matches the music in all those departments. Directed by David Lewandowski and starring the always-creepy Elijah Wood, the clip brings together the amorphous and beautiful song with cyborg-nightmare visuals worthy of Cronenberg. Check it out.

In other FlyLo news: When mysterious rapper Captain Murphy appeared on a Flying Lotus track alongside Earl Sweatshirt back in July, Corban and some commenters theorized that the unknown guest might in fact be Tyler, The Creator. Good guess! But totally wrong. At a show in Los Angeles last night, Flying Lotus revealed that HE is Captain Murphy. Yes, it’s true! And he also made available for free download the deluxe edition of Murphy’s debut Duality. Cop it here.


Until The Quiet Comes is out now via Warp.

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  1. HAHAHA only REAL tyler fans know it’s actually him. flying lotus is just covering for him. NOBODY could make this type of stuff other than THE KING TYLER!

  2. That video was wicked. i mean i get it’s an amputee having a hard time copping with the lost of a limb after having his whole life revolve around using that limb. So he then dreams of these psychedelic means of regaing said limb. But the end, the mangled mess next to him on the bed… What the hell happened there!?

    • Also I think it goes without mentioning the origin of Murphy. The voice doesn’t sound like Tyler, going beyond cadence and actual the verbal notations you have come to know about Tyler. But if you listen to a FlyLo interview and slow it down, you would hear it. It’s things like a nasally pass on certain words, or a deepened build up on others. I feel like a lot of people just assumed Tyler because it’s a altered rap personality. I’m just noting to some of the ways words sounds and transitions made from verse to verse in his songs.

  3. Def sounds like FlyLo.

    Cool vid…

  4. Well that music video is excellent. Way better than the “Putty Boy Strut” video. Also, “Tiny Tortures” is one of the best songs on Until The Quiet Comes.

    Downloaded and listened to Captain Murphy’s “Duality” last night, not knowing it was FlyLo. I just enjoyed all the FlyLo produced numbers and didn’t even think too much about who was actually rapping. Love the Sealab 2021 samples. Hoping to see this qualify for next week’s mixtape of the week.

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