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The Hype Machine has an interesting approach to this whole year-end list thing. Rather than putting together an actual list, they’ve recruited two well-regarded, omnivorous DJ entities to put together party mixes of some of the year’s biggest and best tracks. The jittery Major Lazer mix has twerked-up versions of songs from Hot Chip, Santigold, Usher, Kendrick Lamar, TNGHT, and about a million others, all shot through with Diplo and friends’ EDM-reggae sensibility. I haven’t listened to the Hood Internet list yet, but I imagine it’s much the same thing. Stream both below.

(via the Hype Machine)

The Hype Machine also has a list of its most-blogged artists, complete with nifty art for each of them; that’s here.

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  1. Liked the refresh of Original Don.

  2. What’s the last song on the second mix called?

  3. The Major Lazer mix is quite dank.

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