Electro mood-generators Chromatics, who made one of the best albums of this year, have continued their ridiculously productive streak, dropping a brand-new cover of New Order’s wistful synthpop classic “Ceremony.” It’s pretty faithful to the original, but the way it slowly and lazily sprawls out is new. Ida No, singer for Chromatics’ Italians Do It Better labelmates Glass candy, plays guitar. Download it below.

(via Pitchfork)

The Italians Do It Better compilation After Dark II is coming soon.

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  1. Match made in heaven.

  2. new order cover? why are stereogum and pitchfork making the same mistake? it’s a joy division song released in the still album.

    • It’s a Joy Division “song” but it was a New Order record. JD never recorded it.

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        • You’re right. I’d even say “Ceremony” sounds closer to a Joy Division song than a New Order song. However, the New Order version was a few months before Still, and is much more widely known than the Joy Division live or early versions. It’s a tricky question. Calling it a Joy Division cover is probably the most accurate option, but either choice is probably alright.

          Here’s one: Do you call “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love” Beatles songs or John Lennon covers? What if someone else covers them? (I think the former would be a “Beatles cover” while the latter would be a Lennon cover.)

          • everyone knows the Clash version of “Police and Thieves” – very few people know that the Clash was covering the Junior Murvin song Police and Thieves. Just because everyone knows this song as a Clash song doesn’t make it a Clash song.

        • Does anyone call Soft Cell’s “tainted love” a cover? How about Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”? Regardless of the fact that they are technically covers they have become linked to the artists who made them famous. Considering New Order rose from the ashes of Joy Division and “ceremony” was a hit for them, I’d say it’s theirs.

          How about we all just stop being pretentious dicks about this?

      • Nonsense – Joy Division had recorded it as a demo a couple times – even if they didn’t it still doesn’t make it a New Order Song – New Order covered a Joy Division song – period.

    • Ian Curtis wrote the lyrics, so its a Joy Divison song.

    • You’re the one making the mistake. New Order wasn’t “covering” Joy Division when they recorded and released the song. It may have been in the works, and even performed, while the band was still called Joy Division, but it was finished, recorded and released as a New Order record. Additionally, this is nothing like someone calling “Tainted Love” a Soft Cell song, or any of the other examples given below, as those were bands covering someone else’s work.

      If it were the case that John Lennon had come up with most of, say, “Love Me Do” in the late ’50s, would you insist that The Beatles were covering a Johnny & The Moondogs song?

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  4. Pretty good justice here. The original is a masterpiece.

  5. This is NOTHING compared to the Galazie 500 version.

  6. Not bad, but my favorite tribute to “Ceremony” = “Sometimes I Remember” by The Pernice Brothers. That one has just the right twitchy energy.

  7. wait wasn’t their album Kill For Love already a whole album of New Order covers???????

    sorry. sorry. just kidding.

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