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  • EFG @ Fonda Theatre
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There has been a recent flurry of activity for Interpol fans, between the reissue of Turn On The Bright Lights and the new Paul Banks album Banks. While no Interpol songs were played, Banks led his band through a razor sharp sixteen song set that included songs from his prior moniker Julian Plenti. The Neighbourhood and EFG provided opening support. Check out the gallery above and the setlist below.

01 “Skyscraper”
02 “Fun That We Have”
03 “I’ll Sue You”
04 “Only If You Run”
05 “Young Again”
06 “Fly As You Might”
07 “No Chance Survival”
08 “Arise, Awake”
09 “Over My Shoulder”
10 “Lisbon”
11 “No Mistakes”
12 “The Base”
13 “Summertime Is Coming”
14 “Paid For That”
15 “On The Esplanade”
16 “Games For Days”

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  1. saw him in DC recently, really good show. surprised at how good both the old and new material sounded live. the guy’s a deceptively good and unsung guitarist. but man, the neighboUrhood sucked.

    • I saw him in DC too, it was pretty venue but the crowd wasn’t as frenetic as in SoCal

      • the sound was great wasn’t it?? you could hear a pin drop in between songs. but it was completely under-publicized/under-attended. would’ve done way better at 9:30. also, not sure that the miami lounge vibe of the interior fits the feel/history/exterior/neighborhood of the venue

  2. Man, these guys were so good. This article really brought back those memories, and does a good job of getting into where exactly it went so wrong for them.

    Great read:

    • that was the worst article i’ve read in quite some time. it’s just a few pages of the writer describing (rather amateurishly) their favorite songs off each record and their opinion of what the band was trying to do with each album and then only answers the question that the title of the article asks in a caption under a picture of Carlos D…and he doesn’t even say it was Carlos D!:

      “Inking the papers with Capitol. This is a band that never should have signed to a major label. It compromised their sound and made it more difficult for them to find a coherent direction, in a time when they really needed that. Sadly, they never quite recovered.”

      Christ almighty.

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