Katy B - Danger

With her great 2011 debut album On A Mission, the young London pop singer found a way to let her starry-eyed exhilaration shine through overwhelming steamroller club beats. And now she’s followed it up with a new four-song free EP called Danger, which features a whole ton of collaborations. Jessie Ware, Wiley, and Iggy Azalea add vocals, and Diplo, Jacques Greene, Zinc, and Geeneus contribute beats. Stream or download the EP below, and watch the fun, collage-style video for the triumphantly bleary Wiley-assisted club jam “Got Paid.”

Part with a bit of personal info to download Danger for free here.

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  1. “Aaliyah” is business. She & Ware killing it.

  2. Just when Jessie Ware made me forget about Katy B…

    Seriously though, this is amazing. Like, some other level shit.

    “Got Paid” would be just another “OMG I’m a bad bitch” song if it weren’t for her soulful vocals + that inescapable Sonic the Hedgehog coin-splash throwback that keeps happening. It’s absolutely genius.

    “Light as a Feather” is so in-tune to the whole “trap”-thing to the extent of dispelling any idea that Katy B doesn’t know what’s current. She /knows/ what’s current.

    “Danger” might be the most boring track on this EP but that’s like saying “OMG this is weird LOL.” It’s ethereal-R&B at its finest. Jacques Greene was meant to collaborate with Katy B, as if you totally ignored his remix of “Broken Record.”

    And then “Aaliyah” happens and it’s like your dreams are collaborating about your dreams. My gut reaction was “God, they’re reducing Aaliyah to an archetype,” generously. But the fact that it’s Ware + Katy B more than makes up for it. Not even mentioning the fact that they turn a trite reference into something transcendent. It would’ve been so easy for both of them to just pay shameless homage and instead they reflect upon her to the point that they realize she’s an inescapable zenith, like she’s something they can never hope to reach, and they even humanize her. Like “Jolene” except they think they have a chance.

    TL,DR: Katy B blew my expectations out of the water and I’m seriously impressed.

  3. This is where I live! Man I’m homesick.

  4. Don’t think I’ve been to Brick Lane in 25 years, it’s changed a lot.

    “Aaliyah” has instantly become one of my fave tracks of the year.

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