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The Gummy Awards: Your Top 10 Music Videos Of 2012

Stereogum | December 11, 2012 - 2:19 pm

Our rundown of this year’s Gummy Awards results continues! Close watchers of yesterday’s Top 20 Tracks reveal will be interested to learn that 60% of these selections also appeared on yesterday’s list, though the #1 Best Video isn’t on your top Top Tracks list, and vice versa. Interesting! (And a note to aforementioned Close Watchers who find this “Interesting!”: We salute your nerdiness and love for stats.) One more stat for you, then: As a medium, music videos tend to reward singular, charismatic focal points, so it’s little surprise that this year’s list is 70% full of solo artists — charismatic and singular to the letter.

Now that we have our numbers crunched, press play once more on your Top 10 Videos of 2012:

10. Jack White – “Sixteen Saltines” (Dir. AG Rojas)

09. Killer Mike – “Big Beast” (Feat. T.I., Bun B & Trouble) (Dir. Thomas C. Bingham)

08. Solange – “Losing You” (Dir. Melina Matsoukas)

07. Spiritualized – “Hey Jane” (Dir. AG Rojas)

06. Tame Impala – “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” (Dir. Joe Pelling & Becky Sloan)

05. Frank Ocean – “Pyramids” (Dir. Nabil)

04. PSY – “Gangnam Style

03. Grizzly Bear – “Yet Again” (Dir. Emily Kai Bock)

02. Grimes – “Oblivion” (Dir. Emily Kai Bock)

01. M.I.A. – “Bad Girls” (Dir. Romain Gavras)


Congratulations to Romain Gavras on that top spot, and to Emily Kai Bock for placing twice. For a fun comparison, close watchers, please see last year’s Top Videos list. And here is a copy-and-paste-able recap of 2012’s:

10. Jack White – “Sixteen Saltines”
09. Killer Mike – “Big Beast”
08. Solange – “Losing You”
07. Spiritualized – “Hey Jane”
06. Tame Impala – “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”
05. Frank Ocean – “Pyramids”
04. PSY – “Gangnam Style”
03. Grizzly Bear – “Yet Again”
02. Grimes – “Oblivion”
01. M.I.A. – “Bad Girls”

UPDATE: Here are the results in all categories: