The Breeders

The version of the Breeders that made the 1993 skewed-pop classic and leftfield hit Last Splash lasted for exactly one album. When Kim and Kelley Deal got back together after a follow-up to record the 2002 follow-up Title TK, the rhythm section of the famously violent L.A. hardcore band Fear had somehow replaced Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson. But now that Last Spalsh lineup is coming back together to play the album in full at the Deerhunter-curated version of the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, which comes to Camber Sands, UK 6/21-23.

In April, the Breeders will also release a 20th-anniversary Last Splash reissue, and they’re planning on playing the album at more shows. Not that many albums deserve the whole played-in-its-entirety-on-tour thing, but Last Splash is absolutely one of them.

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  1. Oh, they found Josephine Wiggs. I remember watching a Breeders interview where the Deal sisters said they did not know where she was or how to contact her.

  2. i love Last Spalsh.

  3. this is very good news. why don’t they get tanya donelly on board and tour with a reunited Belly too, and play the first album as well…shit that would be 90′s chick rock overload!

  4. I can’t believe the magical Last Splash line-up is reunited. I’ve been lighting little candles at my Breeders shrine for years praying for this to happen.

  5. this is incredible news

  6. What a gem — this one has held up so well over the years. The most charming album of the 90s?

  7. inarticulate thought of the thread: “Cannonball” sounds like the 90′s to me. not, ‘what song embodies the sound of 90′s the most to you? Oh, “Cannonball” for sure.’ more like, ‘what does the color red smell like? definitely strawberries.’ because while there are strong associations between the two, the answers are nonsensical in as much as the questions are.

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