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  • The Gummy Awards: Your Top 20 Indie Rock Crushes Of 2012
7. Zooey Deschanel (She & Him)

GUMMYS WEEK CONTINUES. So we’re all on the same page, let’s recap the results to date. Your Best Track is Japandroids’ “House That Heaven Built,” your Best Video is M.I.A. and Romain Gavras’s “Bad Girls,” your Best New Artist is DIIV.

And now, we look inside your hearts. Which, when it comes to dudes, is a fairly fickle thing! Compare to last year, and you’ll see almost complete turnover, with only one repeat, in the Mr. Indie Rock results. Your affections have more durability when it comes to ladies, though: Last year’s Top 3 — Zooey Deschanel, Lana Del Rey, and Annie Clark — all show up again this year. Two shifted positions, but your dream girl remains the same. Other notes: Grizzly Bear are abnormally crushworthy, your love for Sufjan is everlasting, and 2012 has both brought us a new Mr. Indie Rock and stretched the definition of the title.

The results start here; ladies first, as always.

UPDATE: Here are the results in all categories:

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  1. I feel like the woman from purity ring would be on here if she didn’t hide in the shadows all the time

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  3. I can’t believe Spencer Krug didn’t make it

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  5. Ladies, ladies…

    As much of a perpetual crush as I’ll have on her, I think Zooey Deschanel should be disqualified any year in which she outputs more TV roles and iPhone commercials than actual music.

    It’s nice to see a lesbian make the list with Sharon Van Etten. Surprised more lesbians haven’t in the past.

    Kudos to whoever picked out the image for Fiona for finding the least emaciated one of her. I like my women with a little meat on them.

    Now on to the dudes…

    Mac DeMarco. Really? The gap between his teeth does it everyone? Alright (I guess?)

    The interesting thing about the men’s list is the large number gay / bisexual men represented on it, which actually shouldn’t surprise me because when Pitchfork did their People’s List a few months back, it was statistically shown a majority of voters were males.

    • Lawll, I agree, boo deschanel. She doesn’t deserve the satisfaction of making any indie list.

    • You had me with the Zooey part, but, “nice to see a lesbian make the list?” That just seems like a weird thing to say. As a straight man, I voted for both Male and Female indie crushes.

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        • Huh? Include as much of it as you want. My feelings are the same.

          Please don’t mis-paraphrase me to make me sound like I said you were chauvinistic or narrow-minded.

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      • I don’t think it’s odd sounding. From what I see in the comments section, the demographics are mostly a boys club (mostly straight college guys, some gay / bi guys) and very rarely, the occasional straight female. While many votes for Sharon could come from any of those groups because they think she is pretty, the lesbian voice in the comments section is not apparent. I’m just telling you what you I see here daily.

        As for Fiona, I don’t think she is healthy looking, and while she might not be slender for the same reason as models and athletes are, I don’t think it’s an appearance worth celebrating. She looks malnourished. Beautifully talented, yes, but she looks worse of the wear.

        • I agree that she’s not healthy looking and her disorder should certainly not be romanticized or celebrated but this is something she already knows. One of the last things a person with a disorder wants to hear is how much another prefers the exact opposite of the disorder. It’s almost tantamount to telling a clinically depressed individual that they should smile more; shit’s maddening. I’m sure you’re a chill dude and this is is me, but whenever I hear “I like my women with a little meat on them”, it’s almost like telling the woman they should eat more, as if they haven’t processed all thoughts typically attendant with the disorder.
          But, yeah, apologies for the detour, this is the GUMMY CRUSHES. I’m still a little sore over the fact that Eleanor Friedberger has yet to crack the list despite being an embarrassingly beautiful prominent independent musician since the Gummy’s inception. I’m certain she has something for 2013—hopefully with Matt—so I think now’s the best time to announce her candidacy for the 2013 version. Wherever there’s a post related to her, I’ll be there, Tom Joad-style.

          • No worries. I voted for Sky Ferreira, mostly because I really liked how she made a pseudo-comeback this year. She is a very odd looking person none the less.

    • Zooey Deschanel shouldn’t be disqualified from any list.

    • Should I mention that Sharon Van Etten’s straight?

    • Stereogum voters = 95% straight men + 4.7% gay men + 11 straight women, and one lesbian (made-up numbers, but probably still accurate!)

      • I am proud to say I am one of the 11 straight women on Stereogum, whoohoo!

        And as one of few straight women, I also voted for both male and indie crushes. Pretty surprised Charli XCX didn’t make the cut. Admittedly, I took the shallow way out and also voted for Sufjan purely based on looks.

        • *male and female, that is.

        • those numbers are made up tho, rite ? <3 charli.

        • crabtron  |   Posted on Dec 14th, 2012 +1

          Yeah, I was also hoping Charli XCX would make this list. But that’s OK, I know where she places on my list (yep, #1). St. Vincent is awesome, but I don’t feel like she had as good a year as Charli, and that does go into my consideration in these matters. Personality is also important. Also: physical hotness.

      • You forget the couple bisexuals too. Don’t see the sex appeal in Frank Ocean at all or Fiona Apple. Who else thinks a Sufjan and Annie Clark kid would grow up and be the sexiest motherfucker ever?

    • Besides, she isn’t gay.

  6. No Ida No? Or, Sune Rose Wagner. They must be too hot for this particular list.

    • All the Italians Do It Better girls are babes….Am I the only one who thinks Johnny Jewel is a total babe too?

      • crabtron  |   Posted on Dec 14th, 2012 +2

        Upvotes for both of you. Ida was all smiles in the “Warm in the Winter” video, even gleefully jumping around in the desert at one point. How is that video alone not grounds for her inclusion? And Johnny Jewel definitely got my vote for male crush.

  7. “NO ONE IS HOTTER THAN SUFJAN” *click* “oh.. except you, Frank”

  8. I think St. Vincent and Sufjan will be near the top of these lists until the very end even if they spend all of the next year as shut-ins.

    Does Daughn Gibson or Julia Holter not have followings on Stereogum? They’ve made waves pretty much everywhere else. Holter released the best album of the year even. I would totally sneak quasi-creepy glances at her on the El.

  9. How could Ruth Dadalet from Chromatics not even place? And why is Zooey even eligible. Did she put out any music this year?

    • That would require people to remember the name Ruth Dadalet. Most of the crushes are frontmen or highly visible personalities outside of their bands. For Chromatics, I think Johnny Jewel would be the guy people remember.

  10. Just as honorable mentions: Colette Thurlow from 2:54 and Laura-Mary Carter from Blood Red Shoes are really hottt. Both bands are mediocre, but hey, whatever.

  11. I actually struggled with this question. If the question was “Who are you gonna marry, have smart gorgeous kids with, and then have BBQs in the backyard with along with Big Boi, 3 Stacks and their respective families,” then the answer is Janelle Monae every time. I think crush kind of implies it’s not gonna happen.

  12. it’s cool I’m not mad you guys forgot to vote for Alice Glass

  13. wut about that chick from paramore?

  14. I’m sure at least three Dirty Projectors could have placed as well.


  16. Am I the only one who said “Ty Segall” out loud then let out a small laugh?

  17. Once again, Mark Gormley gets the shaft.

  18. I stand by my vote for Amber Coffman.

  19. Alexis Krauss for me. She’s a babe. I’ll never have a chance. And all the girls that are crushing on frank ocean, have a worse chance than I do with Alexis.

    • Well I’m crushing on him but I feel like fat Iowa seventeen year old doesn’t have much of a chance either

    • He hasn’t identified himself as gay or bisexual–in fact, he purposely avoids the question. I know many of his songs are stories about characters, but some of his lyrics about women are quite explicit, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he dated both men and women.

  20. I’m sorry Solange. You were robbed. I’m not going to say any names, but if I had to, I would say Zooey Deschanel. Her and her iphone commercials make me want to vomit.

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  22. Jessie Ware is so fucking gorgeous I started ranking looks on a scale of 1 to Jessie Ware, on which men and women would land 4 points lower than they would on the regular 1 to 10 scale, because Jessie Ware is a 14. So basically, using this scale, no one on the planet can be hotter than Jessie Ware.

    For example:
    Annie Clark: 9/10, 5/Jessie Ware
    Charlize Theron: 10/10, 6/Jessie Ware
    That girl in my Children’s Lit class: 6/10, 2/Jessie Ware
    Myself: 7/10, 3/Jessie Ware

  23. Enjoy your Top 10!

    I’ll be hanging out late night with Ruth Radelet & Zola Jesus sipping hot cocoa over here…

    • Ruth looks a little beat up IRL IMO, like she’s done a ton of partying and now she’s just kinda tired. She is probably fun to hang out with and maybe good in bed so I could get being into her. Def past her prime tho.

  24. Also underrated in the Gummy game: Denise Nouvion of Memoryhouse. Bringing out the inner boners since 2010, and apparently crassness.

  25. Oh nice, I voted for Sufjan Stevens but then realized I meant to vote for Frank Ocean, but I guess everything worked out in the end.

  26. Good call with Sharon Van Etten, guys!

  27. The picture of Ty Segal looks like he’s just seen his name on this list.

  28. This list only dropped a few hours ago, but I almost feel like I’m way too late to even get in the convo…

    My main take away is who has a crush on Fiona? I know people like her music and I know she looks pretty cute in her press pic, but from the concert pics I’ve seen she looks like hell. Plus she seems nutty, and not in a fun way.

    • You’re late to the convo, but I’m glad you share similar beliefs to mine as stated above!

      • My bad, I had to skim all the above comments. I thought the same thing you did about the gay/bi people on the list too. Anyone up for having that same discussion again?

    • I guess it depends on how one defines a crush. Physical, mental, emotional, auricular?. The best, I imagine, would encompass all of the above. But I can see someone voting because they’re crushing hard in an individual category.

      For me, I think Fiona is pretty (I worry about her fluctuating weight), she seems intelligent, emotionally a mess, and her music is enjoyable in certain moods. She wouldn’t be my overall pick, but I get it.

  29. only the gay guys in the top 10 guys are actually attractive, Perfume, Ed, Sufjan and Frank, the rest look REAL bad, unless those are just bad shots. Ty Segall? Whoa….

    Annie is #1 but I think Victoria should usurp her eventually b/c Victoria has Sex Appeal, whereas Annie is just beautiful but robotic

  30. ps. why the fuck wasn’t Chris Bear #1?

    • cuz he’s the 4th most famous guy in Grizzly Bear and no one thought of him. Pretty handsome guy, I’ll give you that.

    • Seriously! He is all kinds of adorable/hot, plus is sometimes scruffy and has the legit last name of Bear. I was totally going to vote for him but was an idiot and got the Gummies deadline wrong. : /

  31. you guys I’m pretty sure Sufjan Stevens is going to become that delusions-of-being-santa serial killer on American Horror Story in his later years, I wouldn’t go crushing on him

  32. Ritzy Bryan anyone?

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  34. Surprised Claire Boucher wasn’t the runaway winner here — and I’ll never be able to look at Annie Clark the same way again after that atrocious “Love this Giant” album cover. Plus there’s the resemblance to Michael Jackson.

    Also, no Chan Marshall?

  35. Regarding Claire Boucher, I find it so difficult to differentiate between whether a female is attractive or not when they have a horrible square cut fringe thing like that going on. I’m going with not hot for Boucher.

  36. I wasn’t expecting my girl crush, Rachel Browne of Field Mouse, to make the list but I am surprised that my boy crush, Brian King of Japandroids, didn’t.

    • Agreed on Brian King. Saw him live and the guy is funny AND even better looking up close.

      However, my ultimate crush Victoria Legrand did make it on here though.

  37. Really surprised that neither Amber Coffman or Solange made this.
    Frank Ocean could get it though.

  38. I can’t believe you forgot her!

  39. And Tom Krell (How to Dress Well) was robbed as well, you guys!

    • This is actually a still from this fashion video shoot:

      • This man got snubbed so badly….What a face.

      • See comment above. Just melted when I saw him.

        • And he improved so well after having dumped those hipsterical glasses and the hip’stache!

          I’m glad I’m not the only one being attracted to him. He’s simply my man of the year!

          And you two are cute, too!

          • He sure did, he didn’t look to good with that combination.

            I think we should have Stereogum Commenter Crush list 2012. I wonder how Rubberjohnny would fare.

            I also just remembered we forgot about how hot both members of Trust are. What a lesbian and gay duo.

          • TRST, the debut album of Trust, is good/OK. It was almost as challenging to listen to as, let’s say, Scott Walker’s Bish Bosch. Maybe because the darkwave genre, in general, is not my thing. But on the whole, their music is interesting and the male voice is cool. You would imagine him rather looking like the flamboyant/fucked up cover model than being an edgy, young and good-looking guy. Someone with facial features so sharp that you could put his face on a table, and it wouldn’t fall over, haha.

          • Another indie heartthrob: Michael Angelakos (Passion Pit)

  40. What about Scallywag of Beach House?

  41. Honorable Mention : Lauren Larson from UME


  42. Can we have a worst list?

  43. Chan Marshall should be on this list somewhere. I have mixed feelings about her latest album, but as a human being she is about as beautiful as we get.

  44. what kind of hipster-tiger beat-bullshit article is this?

  45. Um Brian King of Japandroids, anyone?

  46. I’m betting all my pants on Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES for 2013.

  47. Wow! There are really people who think Victoria Legrand and Sharon Van Etten are hotter than Jenny Lee Lindberg? Jenny is hotter than everyone on this list combined and makes better music than most of them too.

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