Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean continues to own our soul. Last Thursday, the man played a short set at a press conference for Spotify. And during that set, he broke out a minute-and-a-half cover of Radiohead’s 1995 all-timer “Fake Plastic Trees,” using it to flex that buttery croon over luxuriant synth-pillows. It’s too short, it’s a crappy fan-made video, it’s got chatter and crowd-whoops and general just-OK fidelity, but it’s still something you need to watch. Check it out below.

(via Pitchfork)

Ocean’s Channel Orange is, of course, out now on Def Jam.

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  1. No Tom, Frank Ocean isn’t going to go out with you.

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  3. how many downvotes can we get copy_paster_cat in 10 minutes!

    alas, reddit has warped me.

  4. Here’s hoping this leads to Radiohead doing a cover of “Pyramids”

  5. Not fair. I want this to be a full thing.


  6. Kind of reminds me of when Mos Def covered All I Need. Awesome stuff.

  7. This is like my two favourite things combined. Thank you.

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