Cat Power

You know Chan Marshall has made some mental progress if she’s moved from mortifying onstage freakouts to making fun of herself for all those mortifying onstage freakouts. In a new Funny Or Die sketch, written and directed by Alex Fernie, we see Marshall attempting to sing kids’ songs in an elementary school classroom, and Marshall is all the way game. Watch it below.

Of course, the old-school Marshall never told her audience what to do; she just apologized profusely and then sometimes ran out in the middle of the set. But still! “Who gives a shit about Q?”

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  1. This is awesome, especially, “This lady makes me sad.”

  2. This is way too adorable for me.

  3. Now I’m sad I never got the chance to see old-school Chan Marshall live.

    • So I read this comment before watching the video, and was going to say that you didn’t miss much and that it wasn’t like how it was in the video, except then that part happened where she handed someone the guitar, got on the floor, and faced away from everyone… and nope, nope, that really was like seeing Cat Power live back in the day.

  4. You know the old cliche “I could listen to that person sing the phone book”? Well I could (and just did) listen to Cat Power singing the alphabet and nursery rhymes all day.

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