Wavves - "Sail To The Sun" video

Wavves are coming back with a new album this spring, and they worked on it with pop producer John Hill. First single “Sail To The Sun” is a fast, snotty rager that sounds a lot like the songs Williams always writes, but it’s cleaner and more direct than any of his older stuff; he’s going for it with this one. The song’s video, directed by BLACK // DOCTOR, tells the story of a televangelist living a fucked-up drugs-and-hookers double life. Watch it below.

The as-yet-untitled Wavves album is coming in spring from Mom + Pop.

Comments (5)
  1. Alexis Krauss doppelganger, 1:40?

  2. hells yea, life has been empty without wavves

  3. songs cool, video’s better.

  4. with all these year end lists reminding of the best this year has offered its nice to get a wavves song and bring us back down to earth with some good ol’ fashioned mediocrity

  5. That nigga Wavves aint stupid. He might have started off lo-fi but now that he can afford it, he ain’t ever goin back to that home-recording life

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