Peter Silberman

As a thank you to fans, the Antlers just posted a pretty new version of Burst Apart’s “No Windows” by Brent Arnold, a friend of theirs who took Peter Silberman’s vocal stems and set them to string arrangements he “recorded in a library in a castle in Burgundy.” For fans of classical arrangements, Peter Silberman’s falsetto, or Knight shit:

(via The Antlers)

This year the band put out the Undersea EP, and it was good. In other Antlers news, the band’s playing this weekend as part of a sold-out megabill at Terminal 5 with Sleigh Bells, Grizzly Bear, and Cults to benefit Sandy victims.

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  1. It’s “No Widows” not “No Windows.” Though the concept of “No Windows” is actually quite frightening.

  2. i thought it was “no windows” for like, a year and a half following the release of ‘burst apart.’ at least i’m in good company…?

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