Burial - Truant/Rough Sleeper

Many commenters were surprised and upset that we didn’t include Burial’s fantastic Kindred EP in our list of the Top 5 EPs Of 2012, and I want you all to know: I voted for it! Alas my vote was not enough. Maybe this will help make it up to you, though: two new tracks from Burial, “Truant” and “Rough Sleeper,” the A and B sides from Burial’s new One/Two single. While it’s not technically an EP, the two tracks combined add up to nearly 25 minutes of new music from the British producer, which is more than most EPs anyway, and it’s sneaking in just before New Year’s, so I’m saying it now: Burial was robbed twice this year. Damn you, Stereogum! The rest of you: Join me in streaming both new tracks in full right now.

The “Truant/Rough Sleeper” (aka One/Two) 12″ is out 12/17 via Hypedub. Cop it here.

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  1. that’s some nice stuff. Not as good as the kindred ep, but still nice.

    • I don’t think you can say that just yet, we’ve had Kindred for half a year and this for a couple hours.

      This seems, to me, like a clear lineage from the Kindred work and really all his EPs as of late.
      Though songs on Kindred has a clear progression within the song structure rather than the clipped segway style of these, the progression of the songs here seem to be getting more unhinged as it went on (in Truant) and more restless, then on a dime becoming utterly serene (in Restless Sleeper).

      I hope he’s working towards another full-lenght because these are amazing, if just for the incredible sound engineering of the pieces and then becoming transcendent taking into account their narrative.

  2. You are officially off the hook Michael. Take that both ways, as in it’s good to know who stood up for the best EP of 2012 and also that… you’re off the hook? That was something we said in the 90s…

    I’m starting to wonder if Burial will ever release a full length LP again. He seems to have found a good system releasing these 12″s.

  3. really digging rough sleeper. putting me in a good place.

  4. I think the longer style here and on Kindred really suits Burial better than the 4-5 minute length tunes of his older work. Between this and the last two EPs, there’s more than an album’s worth of material. A better album than Untrue, I might add.

  5. I actually think if you amalgamate Burial’s work this year it would be one of the best LP’s of the year. Like a Godspeed! album, but for UK electronic music.

  6. Incredible artist.

  7. really nonlinear pieces. intriguing his compositions continue to grow not only in length but in sophistication.

    and good that he has not aggrandized the pieces in spite of their length, they are still very intimate. 6:19 of Rough Sleeper gave me shivers.

  8. genius stuff

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