The Killers - "Here With Me" Video

The Killers clearly are trying to flush their video vaults before the new year, as this is their second one this week alone. Are there tax implications to carrying over completed music videos into the next calendar year? Probably. That’s probably the explanation. The Tim Burton-directed “Here With Me” has a two-tier structure — band performing in an entirely empty, ostentatiously grand performance hall, and pale guy with bug eyes who looks like he could have been was the lead in Richard Ayoade’s Submarine caught in a Mannequin-like romance. That is, he’s in love with a wax Winona Ryder, which occasionally comes to life to love him back. As we learn in the end, mannequins are great to love because they can be your date at dinner and also your candle. Every story has a moral. Watch.

Battle Born is out via Island/Def Jam. Watch Miss Atomic Bomb,” it’s better.

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  1. Actually, it is the kid from Submarine. And the mannequin is Wynona Ryder, no?

  2. Isn’t this the TimBurton-directed video?

  3. so….is the new trend in music to direct videos that are literal to the lyrics?

  4. Damn, Winona is looking good these days.

  5. So this is the point where that kid crosses the line from adorably awkward to serial killer creepy. cool.

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