Rolling Stones to headline Coachella

I didn’t watch 12-12-12 The Concert For Sandy Relief in real time, but I did follow it on my Facebook newsfeed, and I literally LOLed when the following three updates popped up — posted by three different people, from three distinct demographics, who themselves are not friends with one another on Facebook:

Thank you, Rolling Stones, for ruining large-screen HD TV for me forever.

Sorry, Rolling Stones are now officially caricatures of themselves. They look like a bunch of elderly men who dressed up as the Stones for the assisted living facility skit contest.

Jesus, the Stones look fucking AWFUL. I know they’re old, but WOW.

Such a reception! Surely these friends will be deeply troubled to learn, then, that the Stones have even bigger plans for 2013: headlining Coachella! Maybe.

Earlier today, some new tour dates were posted on the band’s official mobile app, including one on 4/12, in Indio, CA, listed as “Coachella 2013.” The dates were deleted several hours later, but not before fans screen-grabbed and posted the “news.”

The 12/27 show listed at Huntington’s Cinema Arts Centre — which has also been deleted — is reportedly a screening of the Stones doc, The Rolling Stones: The Ron Wood Years. The Coachella date, though, remains unexplained. It’s so gonna happen! UNLESS! This whole “accident” is just some canny stunt to draw interest to the Stones’ mobile app (and/or all things Stones) through viral media attention, which frankly seems like a not-unreasonable possibility to me. Hey, maybe it’s both things at once. Either way … I was hoping for Blur.

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  1. Blur could still happen. Stoked about the Stones

  2. I was just thinking that it’d make sense for the Stones to do Coachella, because they haven’t announced a west coast date yet. They were also rumored to play a year or two ago, but hadn’t gotten their shit together or whatever.

    I’m guessing Phoenix and the Knife will also be there, since they’re both releasing albums in April. Atoms for Peace as well. Both Phoenix and Atoms for Peace brought people out in droves back in the clusterfuck that was 2010, which makes me wonder if either could be the smaller of the three headliners.

    You’ve also got Sigur Ros rumored, a possible Bjork rumor. Passion Pit. I imagine this year’s lineup will have a very strong string of subheadliners. Maybe there won’t be as many reunions, but there will be immensely popular bands who could possibly make 2013 the most immediately appealing to the masses.

    I’m with Michael, though — The only band I would make the effort to return to the dessert over is Blur.

    • Sigur Ros is basically a guarantee if you look at their schedule.

      Same with Beach House. Based on the bands you listed above it seems like a grande ole 2010 reunion. Swap The Knife with Fever Ray.

      The Knife would be huge.

  3. Red, White, and Gorilla Album Covers from Worst to Best:

    TIE: Stones and Bruno Mars

  4. I see it being a similar lineup to 2010 as well.

    I am also still hoping the Daft Punk come out to Coachella again. Like everyone else.

  5. Coachella organizers were hoping Besse Cooper would headline, but she already had plans.

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