On “1 Train,” a massive six-minute posse cut from his forthcoming LONGLIVEA$AP album, A$AP Rocky has lined up pretty much every single rapper who’s had the internet going nuts in the last couple of years, setting them all up to go in over a slow-rolling Hit-Boy beat. Just recruiting this many great rappers on one song is an achievement, but none of them coasts; everyone’s trying to outdo everyone else. On first listen, I’d have to say Kendrick Lamar wins it, but I’m not ready to swear to that. Listen to the track below.

LONGLIVEA$AP is out 1/15 on RCA.

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  1. Perfect hip-hop song.

  2. I’d probably call best verse for Danny Brown going by how unhinged he gets near the end, even by his standards. But this is just fucking incredible. Nary a dull verse.

  3. incredible. they all killed it

  4. Shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. That was almo$t $o good a$ to make me never want to make fun of Joey Bada$$’$ name ever again.

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  6. This is a definitive song for the last 2 years or so of hip-hop. This will be remembered. It helps that the actual verses are great too.

  7. normally i hate kendrick because i find his voice awkward and his flow minimal (maybe it’s because he sounds slightly indian or something? idk) but his verse was awesome.

    Joey Bada$$ was my favorite feature though.

  8. Live at the BBQ 2013

  9. How many times can I play this on repeat in my car? Its a shame its cold out.

  10. ACTION BRONSON KILLED IT!!! but for real? its all dope….

  11. best posse cut since the huzzah remix. Danny Brown stole it tho

  12. WHERE DID IT GOOOOOO????!!!!

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