Veteran Berkeley punkers Rancid are, quite simply, my favorite band of all time. If the ninth-grade me hadn’t stumbled across them, I would be a very different and possibly dead person. Rancid’s last album, the pretty-great Let The Dominoes Fall, is now three and a half years old, so I am deeply amped about the existence of a new Rancid song. It’s called “Fuck You” (I can’t believe there hasn’t already been a Rancid song called “Fuck You”), and it’s a riotously simple blast of euphorically angry singalong stupidity. It’s great. Use the widget below to stream or download it.

(via Punknews)

If there’s a new Rancid album coming in 2012, it is already automatically my most-anticipated album of 2012.

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  1. Fuck yeah, Tom!

  2. gotta give it up for the rancid coverage, hope there is more to follow

  3. Bad Religion called…

    On top of that, this is actually pretty old. Like, last November old and it’s not even a proper single but rather just an unreleased track that’s set to appear on some Oi! punk compilation.

    It’s not your fault, though, Tom. The .org just happened to forget they covered the story, and posted news about it again (I guess since there’s a download widget involved now.)

  4. check out tim in yelawolf and travis barkers vid 6 ft underground i was liiiikkkkeeeee….

  5. Fuck me? Fuck yeah!

  6. 2013, you meant. Coming in 2013.

  7. I like Ceelo’s version of this song better.

  8. For me, Rancid = ’90s skate videos. Yesss.

  9. cant wait for 2012, the year the album is coming out.

  10. This song is catchy enough, a perfectly serviceable Rancid outtake. But I don’t need them to tell me anymore that they are punk rock, or that they love punk rock, or that they are punx or skins or that they are punk, or that punk saved their lives or that they do what they want or that they are punk, (did I say that already?)

    We get it Rancid, punk.

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