Oh boy, where does one begin when she has the enormous task of filling your beloved Corban Goble’s shoes? We’ll start with a simple introduction: Hi guys, I’m Claire Lobenfeld, your new staff writer. Up until today, I was freelancing for a number of music publications and before that, I was Executive Editor of RCRD LBL. I hope with those credentials, you’ll put your trust in me and we can move into 2013 together. (Don’t worry, dudes, I’ve already done the research and I can assure the world will not end on Friday.)

I hail from Westchester County, a mere fifteen miles north of Stereogum HQ, a place that I am proud to come from, as it is the home of DMX, Aaron Sorkin and the amusement park where Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” video and the boardwalk scenes in Big were filmed. I care deeply about ’90s New York rap, Blonde Redhead, and the New York Knicks.

I’m more than thrilled to be joining Scott, Amrit, Michael and Tom, as well as you, the fervent commenters, at Stereogum. Since we’ve all been thinking about what we loved so much about this year, let me know what you guys are looking forward to in the next — which, really, I promise, is totally coming.

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  1. … I was hoping for Fiona Apple.

  2. I’ll admit that I was hoping for a writer with an obviously contrived name like “T. Cole,” but we can still probably make this work.

  3. less lists, less (read: ‘no’) best/worst songs/albums by Band XYZ, more interviews, more track/album reviews

    • Dude, you just made another list.

    • Tim, I’ve consulted with the Rules Committee, and they’ve agreed to give you special dispensation: You (and only you) are no longer required by community law to read any and/or all Stereogum.com stories posted in the “List,” “Counting Down,” or “Listomania” categories. To be clear, this ruling does not apply to the rest of the Stereogum readership! Gotta keep the numbers up.

      Also: Welcome Claire! Please let me know if any of the black metal paraphernalia adorning the office walls is disturbing to you, and also please find a way to get Justin Bieber onto the site (even if you do not like Justin Bieber): You will make Corban so jealous.

  4. Welcome, Claire! I’m looking most forward to Shaking the Habitual. But since spending the afterlife in Hell with my fellow Stereogummers is inevitable, I guess that sounds good too.

    • oh she meant as in music we’re looking forward to? duh. then in that case, new albums from the Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire, QOTSA, MGMT, The Rentals, Vampire Weekend, Surfer Blood? (whenever you’re ready guys, jeese!)

  5. the chronicles of marnia, man.

  6. I don’t know whether to be excited or terrified by the picture of Ma$e and Lil Kim on your twitter page.

  7. “…let me know what you guys are looking forward to in the next…”

    new albums from:

    The Knife
    Daft Punk

    In that order. Cover those bands as much as humanly possible.

    Thank You and Welcome to Stereogum.

  8. Hi Claire,

    You’re already a good egg in my book because I take it you had the pleasure of working with a Mr. Maness, a favorite of mine and my friends.

    I also like that the boys club has also been broken up.

    Good luck, and I look forward to you disliking me alongside everyone else very quickly.

  9. There is so much great stuff coming out next year: Bleeding Rainbow, Love of Diagrams, Beaches, History of Apple Pie, Savages, Surf City, Little Claw, Marnie Stern, Electric Flower Group, Yellowbirds, Christopher Owens, White Mystery, Clipd Beaks, Weekend, Psychic Ills, the followup EP to the new mbv album that will be out this month, and the just-finished final Double Dagger album.

  10. Are you an owl?

  11. Welcome, Claire! That’s all.

  12. True or false: “The Choice Is Yours” is the best NYC rap ever.

    Choose wisely.

    • I know favorites don’t constitute as best but I’d be hard-pressed to find something that isn’t Biggie- or Onyx-related to fall into that category. My personal vote goes to “Get Money” or “Lex Coups Bimaz and Benz” (which is neither of the aforementioned, but is so partytime, but also makes me wanna punch someone, I can’t not mention it) or “All We Got Iz Us” or “Cheapskate” which doesn’t count as NYC, since it’s from Yonkers, but people never give Sporty Thievz the credit they deserve for that one. And that was probably a way longer answer than you wanted.

  13. Claire, after reading your post, I had to go on Youtube and listen to Fantasy again. Such a great fun track.

  14. Hello Claire and welcome! I see from your photo that you keep a very tidy office, that I appreciate.

  15. RCRD LBL is awesome = you’re awesome. Also, the high school senior in me is super excited for the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album.

    • Every part of me is excited for the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. Although, I’d be especially interested if they went all in with Nick’s guitarwork. Love that stuff.

  16. Cheers, Claire. Looking forward to reading your stuff!

  17. All of the albums above, plus Yo La Tengo and Gunplay

  18. I now know that DMX and Aaron Sorkin are hometown buddies, thank you Claire. That is a very good foot to start out on

  19. Claire, I wish you all the best SGum writings for the future, and a really awesome profile picture.

  20. Welcome Claire!

    I look forward to your profile picture and awesome music & music festival reviews.

  21. Welcome! and congratulations. Looking forward to a new voice from this site. As for 2013, top of my anticipated releases that no one’s mentioned: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Endlessly intrigued by “We No Who U R” and excited to see how it plays out on the LP, especially after the knock-on effects series he launched with Abattoir Blues straight through Grinderman 2. Could be a fascinating change of pace. We’ll see!

  22. I’m looking forward to complaining about others complaints. As well as a possible collaboration of Aaron Sorkin and DMX. Should be trite AND angry.

  23. Awesome Claire, congrats on the new gig!

  24. Nice to have you join the ‘gum family, but I’m sure as you already know were a bunch of dysfunctional twits who constantly down vote our peers and and post wildly hilarious gifs that have nothing to do with anything.

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