Cloud Nothings Announce New Album

Cloud Nothings are working on a follow-up to this year’s explosive Attack On Memory, as reported by MTV Hive. Frontman Dylan Baldi says the record will be “noisier” and “less straightforward,” which sounds like he’s taking a note from Memory’s engineer Steve Albini. No word if Albini will be involved in the project, but Baldi has been hard at work writing new material on his own. The band, who are currently aboard S.S. Coachella, will head into the studio in April and plan to release the album slated for the fall.

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  1. Hey Dylan Baldi bro, I didn’t realized you made “music.” I thought you just talked shit about others’ artistic endeavors and complained about how “weird” it was being in the extremely privileged position of having everybody watch you live out your “college years” after “dropping out,” or whatever it was you said in that one interview once. Ya little prat.

    More concerning, why am I using all these “quotes?” Too “Hipster” Runoff.”.”

  2. It’s interesting how much that band photo looks like just about any classic photo of Pavement. The wheel turns and turns and turns.

  3. I loved Attack On Memory and the self-titled debut (both ranked really well on my year-end lists for each respective year they were released,) but! I’m not one to jump to the conclusion that the next album will be as amazing as Attack.. I’m gearing up for a solid transitional album at best, only because 1) The growth between the debut and Attack was immense, and a ton of that credit goes to Albini for bringing them there. 2) It seems Dylan really likes to put things out quickly, and sometimes that works against musicians (unless you are Ty Segall.) and 3) I could really imagine the next LP sounding like “Wasted Days” multiplied by 10 tracks or whatever (again, not a bad thing, but I’m just not gearing up to be surprised by the stylistic growth like I was between the debut and Attack.)

  4. *Mr Burns voice* Excellent

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