It’s the most wonderful time of the year for people who love lists. This week we highlighted a few of them, including our Top 40 Rap Albums Of 2012, your Top 20 Albums Of 2012, and the 10 Best Indie Christmas Songs. We also celebrated 20 years of The Chronic, DJ’ed with Diamond Rings, ranked Neurosis’ discography, and reviewed stocking stuffers from A$AP Santa and Chief Elf. After the jump, your naughtiest and nicest responses to it all.


#10 raptor jesus | Dec 19th Score:22

Fuck you both – Pineapple has always been the best.

We wouldn’t even have Skydiving if Pineapple didn’t take the first jump.

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Chad D’Entrone | Dec 17th Score:26

And Detox just turned -5

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Michael Hanna | Dec 19th Score:29

Dude, you just made another list.

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Steven Augello | Dec 18th Score:31

You obviously don’t read the website: They gave Kanye West 808′s 7.6. They gave Lambchop Mr. M Best New Music. And who gives a shit about Airborne Toxic Event anyway? I’m not defending Pitchfork, but if you want to criticize, please have some idea of what you’re talking about.

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Carlos Bruciaga | Dec 18th Score:33

Who else thinks that Major Lazer and Amber Coffman’s “Get Free” is criminally low on this list?!

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Kevin Broydrick | Dec 19th Score:34

I like Pineapple’s earlier stuff, but I think Skydiving has been more consistent over the duration.

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Michael Hanna | Dec 19th Score:34

Yeah, I guess a little over half of life totally sucks.

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Tim Curtin | Dec 18th Score:36

100 spots for the best tracks of the year and not a single Walkmen song?? Heaven, We Can’t Be Beat, Heartbreaker, Nightingales, Line By Line: take your pick.

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Carlos Bruciaga | Dec 18th Score:39

2012: The year everyone forgot to Put their Back N 2 It.

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Matt Packman | Dec 18th Score:52

i really love stereogum. and list season. so I uploaded these : – merry listmas guys xox

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#5 copy_paster_cat | Dec 18th Score:-16

Big yawn. I dunno, is it saturation with all thse lists or it’s really boring. Oh no, that Call Me Maybe turd not in the top 5 as I predicted but still their list this year is a big, big yawn. All the same shit… All the same songs on every list (Purity Ring, Grizzly Bear etc. – basically the singles from BNM’ed albums), obligatory Frank Ocean circlejerk, token hip-hop shit in top 10, a couple of Top 40 tunes and Grimes on top. Oh well

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José Rodrigo Escobar | Dec 18th Score:-19

This list is like “top tracks from BET”, no offense
I’m just not used to see this on p4k

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#3 copy_paster_cat | Dec 20th Score:-20

Also really really REALLY glad we live in a world where the word bitch has not only been normalized but seen to be something totally acceptable. Well done.. rant over.

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Aiden Wylie | Dec 18th Score:-25

Pitchfork…. anything to do with Kanye West or Pavement = 10/10, anything involving Lambchop =6/10, anything involving Airbourne Toxic = 2/10.

Everything that insufferably pretentious website does falls precisely into that spectru,

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#1 copy_paster_cat | Dec 20th Score:-46

maybe we can get spin-off hip-hop site, k. really this inane ghetto stuff is starting to get annoying, you just should unserstand that hip-hop is a niche genre (like metal or hardcore punk) and since I’m not 13 year old black guy from San Diego or something I can’t truly comprehend the greatness of this pinnacle of human achievement, the masterpiece of the song named ’Fuckin’ Problems’. Don’t think that I’m trolling or trying to get most downvotes ever recorded, this garbage is not even discussing. This is not a music, this is a vulgar, kitsch trite as well as 90 % of hip-hop is.

“I’m the shit, niggas mad cause I’m smooth puffin’ zig zags
Tell ‘em quit the riff raff bitchin’ with yo bitch ass”

Grandiose. What a poet, that guy,

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Matthew Hadley | 2:38pm Score:4

I’d love to rag on the top spot this week, but admittedly that video/song was a lot of fun if not cheesy. You can have your T-Swifties this week, Stereogum.

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Mexico Indie | Dec 19th Score:18

Are you an owl?

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: The owls are not what they seem.]

Comments (57)

    (You know it’s a rough day when you wake up and Shut Up, Dude is already posted)

    • Pretty disappointed in your absence from the Pitchfork Top 50 Albums of ’12 post. What, were you busy with your “job” or “friends” or going “outside”???

      • My good friend who has been living in South Korea is back for Christmas break. I had the day off and so we went out and got super drunk. Some of the bartenders knew about my radio show and hooked us up with free drinks and shots. That was actually kind of cool. Wrote down the podcast address on an envelope for her.

        At this point there is no use to jump in on the convo. I LOVE that you still haven’t gotten into good kid, since when I saw that at number 1 I kinda flipped (was drunk). Especially the part where Ian Cohen wrote about how raptor jesus hates “Compton” and everybody else has been talking about it not being a good closing track. That made me feel better.

        Burial in the Top 20. Yeah, I’m looking at you Stereogum minus Michael.

        • I’ve subscribed to your podcast raptor jesus, but I’m still waiting for a classic rock show instead of all this “alternative” nonsense you kids seem to be into. Any chance of playing Rainbows “Since you’ve been gone” ?

        • Well, guys and ladies, it’s the end of the year basically. I’m assuming a lot of us will be missing in action next week, so I’m going to get pretty sappy and say it’s been a heck of a year with all of you.

          raptor jesus, I hope you don’t get offended by me saying that between our volcano project debacle and reading all your words throughout the year, I have developed a huge crush on your Internet writing personality. I feel like every word you write makes my heart go aflutter. I don’t know what it is — It’s like your words are like seeing that intangible person who looks way too attractive than you and you know they’d never look at you, but you just fall for them anyway knowing full well your personalities are so different. <3 <3 <3

          I also appreciate the fact I still exist on here somehow. How I am not dead, I will never know. I guess that thanks goes to team Stereogum for letting me keep on livin'.

          2013 — Not sure what it holds. Last year, I had my sights set on CEREMONY, but this year, it's a mysterious one.

          • Way to hang in there Michael_

            IDK about you guys, but I’m going balls out next week. I’m changing jobs after the new year and I might fall off a little bit.

          • I’m glad you’re still around Michael_! At least lots of people know we went to Coachella this year (you guys heard, right? Holo 2Pac? You heard.) Also, no offense taken. I’m flattered, even. It’s been a great year… I wonder when we’re going to get the Top 50 comments of the year. That’ll be a good one.

            I’m with plb. I just got a new job as well that will probably demand more from me at work, which is usually my Sgum time. We’ll see how it pans out but I’m not going anywhere. Need to start making plans for SXSW…. meet up with some of you fine people.

            Also to godsdog, wtf is Rainbows?

          • Congrats on the new jobs, guys. Send some of those good “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe(s)” my way, okay?

            Also, special treat for the winter solstice! This will probably fly over a lot of people’s heads, but grindcore / screamo luminaries Circle Takes the Square just put out their long overdue sophomore album — 8 years coming! It’s free to download for the time being:


  2. copy paster cat is either the most obvious troll or on the completely wrong website.

    • He just wants a friend. His new avatar is adorable.

      • i speculate he’s either 14 or 56

      • Thanks. Yes, you’re right but crippling social anxiety and a bunch of mental disorders keep me from it…

        • Crippling social anxiety and a bunch of mental disorders never stopped me from making friends – but then again I’m fantasy prone and a pathological liar.

          • Maybe it’s not completely impossible, of coursem but it’s, way harder. However, finally going to therapist is on my to-do list of the next year so I hope it will help at least a bit.

            Sorry If I annoyed anyone because of my comments in the last two weeks here – I must admit some of them were really provocative in nature and somewhat unnecessary. Happy holidays and all the best in 2013.

          • Hope to see you around in 2013 copy_paster_cat

            We like having a rich tapestry of opinions here. So all the other blogs can read Stereogum and figure out what listeners really think. I still strongly believe the blurb about “Compton” in the good kid write-up on p4k is talking about our conversation on Sgum earlier. I’m convinced.

    • He has said some stupid things, but honestly, I would be perfectly fine with this site covering rock and folk stuff exclusively. I have never had any interest in other genres, and I never will. I do think that it has become cool to say you like a lot of different kinds of music, and I think some people, especially people who are essentially rock critics, lie about this.

      • That’s a very good point, but I actually think the only reason why I now enjoy an awful lot of hip hop/ rap is because of Stereogum. A few years ago Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamarr wouldn’t have even been remotely on my radar, but since the site keeps pushing it I now love them! What I’m trying to say is everyone is different but we are all important and should live in peace and harmony under the ceiling of love that is Stereogum.

  3. People are obsessed with lists, man

  4. Matt Packman understands the way to any jaded gummers heart, filesharing.

    Thanks again Matt!

  5. i got a 1/4 keg of founders pale and a ganga good music, it’s gonna be a good night.

    i made a big old 2012 playlist guys, play it loud out the windows!

  6. I’ve skipped all the opportunities to post my own top albums list so far, but I feel like I want to post it on this site before this year ends. I just spent so much time trying to figure it out. Is it ok with everybody if I just post it here?

    • Doubt anyone could say no to Mastur Splinturd

    • Post the list!!!

      • Ok. After the top three it still feels a bit like a toss-up. It’s really been like that a lot over the past few years, a few albums that I treasure an excessive amount, and then a big bunch that I think are really great but I don’t have that irrational love for.

        1. Swans: The Seer
        2. Future: Pluto
        3. Chromatics: Kill for Love
        4. Japandroids: Celebration Rock
        5. Killer Mike: R.A.P. Music
        6. Baroness: Yellow & Green
        7. How to Dress Well: Total Loss
        8. Godspeed You Black Emperor!: Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
        9. Andy Stott: Luxury Problems
        10. Frank Ocean: Channel Orange
        11. Crystal Castles: III
        12. Spiritualized: Sweet Heart Sweet Light
        13. Blut Aus Nord: 777: Cosmosophy

        Also, if gunplay took his all of his music he made this year and then took out the filler, it would probably be in my top ten.

        • This is a great list, based on how well rounded, eclectic and adventurous it is.

          • Thanks. Spent a lot of time listening to music this year. I always feel so insecure about lists, but this was fun to try and make one for once.

          • I like this list, MasterSplint. Screw it, here’s mine:

            1. Father John Misty – Fear Fun
            2. Grimes – Visions
            3. Chairlift – Something
            4. Gunplay – 601 & Snort
            5. Tame Impala – Lonerism
            6. Grizzly Bear – Shields
            7. Future – Astronaut Status — *haven’t heard Pluto yet
            8. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange
            9. Liars – WIXIW
            10. Kool AD – 51 / Heems – Wild Water Kingdom
            11. Animal Collective – Centipede Hz.
            12. Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes
            13. Chief Keef – Back From The Dead — * haven’t heard his album yet
            14. Jessie Ware – Devotion — *Only listened to a couple tracks but Sweet Talk blew me away and I’m pumped to hear more. This entry more of a nod to the cool R&B/pop/dance coming out this year – How To Dress Well, Miguel, that Aaliyah track Ware had with Katy B. I’m not positive if any of these people actually put a solid album out (besides Frank), but there have been spots of brilliance.
            15. Merchandise – Children Of Desire

            Best songs
            1. Solange – Losing You
            2. Doe Paoro – Body Games
            3. Major Lazer y Angel – Get Free

        • Thanks for sharing. I like seeing other peoples list. I put mine at the end of the Pitchfork top 50 thread (way at the end). Glad to see we have he same # 1.

        • OK. Done. I’m listening to that Future record.

          Also, cokemachineglow turned me onto this AMAZING beats album: Friendzone – “COLLECTION 1″

          Friendzone did the beat on “Fashion Killa” for A$AP’s new record, but that beats collection is gorgeous. HIGHly recommend… you to get high and listen to it.

          • Wow this friendzone tape sounds really good so far, I need to get on a computer and download this soon. Thanks.

            I had Pluto a bit further down for a while because I didn’t get all the love for “Turn on the Lights”, the synths felt weirdly off-beat. But just a few nights ago, I was listening to the album again and that song came on. That off-kilter beat finally settled into a groove, and then I focused in on The vocals, with future going off about his dream girl and his voice shuts crackling with desperation, and I got. Then he finishes it off with “You Deserve It”. And he does Deserve It.

          • I’m trying to listen to Future as well right now, didn’t realize it was regarded so highly until this week. Also working on my Kendrick Lamar assignment. I like the new A$AP btw.

        • I dig your list.

  7. Well it’s past midnight in Great Britain – and no sign of the apocalypse (the Mayans would have obviously used Greenwich Mean Time) So I think it may be time to come out of my bunker and stop drinking my own urine.

    Well I’m definitely coming out of the bunker.

  8. So many people who initially arrive on this site as trolls come on to Shut Up, Dude and apologise and then go on to be some of the site’s active commenters. It’s a nice character arc.

    I accidentally saw a great band last night called Fever Dream. Shoegazey, some of you might like em:

    Happy Christmas to all of you!

  9. Well it’s nice to be on the list finally. I’m moving up in the world mom!

  10. it would be cool to see year end lists that didn’t all have the same music on it.

  11. What? I made it to the top list? Damn, great way to end the year

  12. And this season’s biggest comment section cliche is….

    Railing against the critical/commentary “hivemind”!

    What ‘s that you say? News runs in this strange thing called cycles? And musical trends evolve over time? That’s absurd. Don’t you know? Every website is supposed to publish a completely different list because no one ever listens to the same thing, and that list should only cover one style. And if some website, say one named after a farming implement, was to listen to a wide variety of music that’s not embracing new and interesting music. That’s betraying the “true genre” (or as it’s also known, white people).

    After all, its called PitchRockMusicOnlyBecauseUrbanMusicMakesMeUncomfortableFork for a reason.

  13. Here’s something I’m a bit perturbed by…

    A local posh salon is using Crystal Castles’ “Vietnam” in their TV ad promoting their business, complete with glossy model shots and beauty product pushing. I doubt they got permission to use the track in the advert since they’re just a local salon, but I also feel like it is wrong of them to do so by assuming that since they’re not a huge corporation, it lets them off the hook. However, the TV spot is on very often on multiple channels (local and cable alike) at all times of the day, and considering the back story on the track is that it’s about date rapists / murderous stalkers, I just don’t think Alice Glass would be on board knowing her music is being used without her knowledge to promote this sort of product given the context.

    Here’s a longer version of the commercial on YouTube, where they at least credit it:

    I know they don’t credit Crystal Castles on TV — At the very most, I think they might have the title “Vietnam” in the small font in the corner of the screen, but can’t remember 100%. Maybe I’m wrong, but this sounds like copyright infringement, no? If it were for an indie record store or something of that like, I probably wouldn’t be so bugged, and I understand it’s a local business — with deep enough pockets to get this thing on the air very often on a wealth of channels — and the nature of it goes hand in hand with the perpetual problem of musicians getting screwed by companies using their work for their own commercial gains.

    • I’m right on board with you on that. Did you notice how it said scored by Crystal Castles on the youtube description? It bugs me that they don’t say Music by Crystal Castles but attempt to make it seem like they had Alice and Ethan write it for their advert. I does seem like copyright infringement too.

      Alice Glass would go crazy, well even more so than she already is, if she found out about this.

      • Yeah, the whole “score” thing, too! It very much does make it seem like Crystal Castles curated it specifically for this stupid salon ad. I tweeted it out to both parties, but took it down since 1) Crystal Castles doesn’t use their twitter and 2) I can imagine the salon would go bat shit over the accusation and make some idle threat that I was bad mouthing their business or something, because that’s just how the places in my area roll.

        Maybe I’ll just e-mail Universal or something — Because you know if anyone is going to do anything about, it’ll be the copyright lackeys over there.

  14. Hey guys, in case you’re interested I’ve just published my 5 WORST (well, technically it’s six, there was a tie) US chart songs of 2012, the best will be coming soon:

  15. I get annoyed when people complain about sites like this covering hip-hop because the blanket term of “indie” is completely meaningless nowadays. How can you want a site to exclusively cover indie when the word indie itself doesn’t exclusively cover anything? Genre wise, Grimes and Japandroids are just as far apart as Kendrick Lamar and Purity Ring.

    • It’s not meaningless if you know your music history. Indie is a blanket term that refers to any music that is directly or indirectly descended from the first wave of punk. This can refer to the nature of the sounds produced, but the term is most important as a way of designating a particularly personal and minimalist aesthetic philosophy in which melodies are borne out of noise (as opposed to traditional songwriting, which merely added elements of noise to existing melodies). Furthermore, indie artists are generally distinguished by their willingness to experiment and unwillingness to compromise their artistic vision for commercial purposes. Rock, and to a lesser extent, folk and electronic music, are the genres that were the focal points of what eventually became known as indie music. Though indie artists may incorporate elements of other genres in their music, it would only reflect a fundamental misunderstanding of the term if one were to label a decidedly metal or hip-hop group “indie.” A group can be experimental and/or underground and not be an indie group. In applying the term, you are making a kind of implicit historical connection; you are drawing a line from the first wave of punk to a present-day artist.

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