In Memoriam: Bands We Lost In 2012

Each September, we recognize 40 new bands we look forward to listening to for years to come. And each December, we salute the veterans who’ve decided to pack up their knives and never ever get back together. This year’s class of quitters includes an anarcho-pop one-hit wonder, a multi-platinum Aussie rock band, and a New York hip-hop trio with one proper album. We will miss them! R.I.P., and see you at Coachella 2020.

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  1. Ween broke up? That’s horrific news. Bah humbug.

  2. A video, Stereogum!? A video??

  3. When I heard that Girls broke up, I was very shocked, but slightly happy. The only reason I say that is because they now leave behind a pretty much flawless discography. Two great albums and a solid EP.

  4. Pendulum and their look-a-like Voldemort drummer.

  5. You also forgot some from the 16-year-old emo demo:

    Algernon Cadwallader
    Bomb the Music Industry!
    Thursday (technically announced they were done at the end of 2011, but finished their final tour in 2012)

  6. what??? WU LYF disbanded??

  7. WU LYF? NOOOOoooooooOoooOoo :(

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Only one album in, darn.

      Also <3's to Air France and Studio.

    • It’s a real travesty. They were the only band that had the audacity to believe they were the most important thing in the world, and in doing so, it kinda felt like they were. I hope they at least finally feel at home.

  8. the real tragedy is chumbawumba

  9. they got knocked down… but I always thought they got back up again!?!

  10. I’m gonna miss you, peeing-in-own-mouth monkey band.

  11. how could you guys forget The Smiths?!

  12. Wow, I actually knew of most of these bands this year. Last year was a whole lot of “who’s that?”

  13. It’s not like the N time “Does It Offend You Yeah?” goes to a “indefinite” hiatus? If I recall correctly after their first album they said the same thing and voila 2 years later a new album. I hope they come back.

  14. At least five of those were fake, right?

  15. Well Air France is by far the most sad one. I really hate them for breaking up.

  16. At least we won’t have to suffer through another Jet album.

  17. Swedish House Mafia? Not that I cared a lot for this DJ boygroup, but…

  18. PARTS & LABOR!

  19. what about Teen Suicide?

    • Teen Suicide is always an issue Skye. Sources say it’s a largely white trend. Google it later, aight then?

      If you have any questions, or just need someone to talk to you, call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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  21. where da fuck is the Beastie Boys?
    RIP Adam “MCA” Yauch (1964-2012)
    so sad

  22. Add The Killers and Bloc Party to this, for they are truly lost.

  23. Hopefully The Divine Fits ( Spoon Parade ) will break up next year and Wolf Parade will come back.

  24. don’t forget about The Cool Kids :/

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  26. Didn’t Fleet Foxes finish too?

  27. I swear I teared up when I saw Das Racist.

  28. What about DD/MM/YYYY?
    (Or was that last year?)

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