POP ETC - How Will I Know

A few days ago, POP ETC took to their Tumblr to give a sneak peek of the visuals for their cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know.” The video follows singer Chris Chu throughout the woods and busy Tokyo streets, where he is seemingly looking for, or at least ruminating about, love. Check out the cover below, which toes a fine line between the band’s dreamy output and the pop purity of Houston’s original.

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  1. ARG ARG ARG, can you guys stop covering this borderline owl city bullshit. They have released and continue to release the worst music I’ve heard all year, maybe ever and the worst part is they attempt to pass it off as genuine (just look at all the “emotion” on his face!!!). This pop posturing, which I saw from the very beginning makes me… feel something, I’m not angry cause who cares but they should stop because this music is a waste of their time, everyone’s time. They should have stuck with whatever they did before (didn’t really ever listen to that) because at least they had the formula for that down.

    Love Sloth

    • I usually see comments like this on posts about, say, Taylor Swift, and I feel like the poster isn’t even giving the music the chance it might deserve. But my god, this. Is. Awful. Morning Benders were actually good, but now it’s hard to say which incarnation of this band sounds most disingenuous. Totally agree with you, sloth.

      Make it stop.

  2. while watching this video my eyes rolled all the way back into my head and they are now refusing to come back and i am afraid i will never see again
    thanks a lot chris chu

  3. The saddest thing about all of that is that “Big Echo” is still my favorite album of 2010 (produced by Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear). And this band had so much potential at that time. But they decided to get in the dark side of hype music, meaning trying to make RnB/Dance music when you clearly have no talent for it. They should read a bit of all the negative reviews they got on their Pop Etc thing (worst band name ever also …)

  4. The result of home schooling.

  5. I think it’s a good pop cover of a pop song.

    The key is not watching the video and just listening to it. The douchebaggery lessens significantly.

  6. I just wanna punch that screen cap…

  7. Please find your guitars guys I miss them.

  8. Any video consisting of three and a half contrived minutes of some little boy’s histrionic face is bound to come off completely self-indulgent as fuck, and in that respect this video excels.

    Aside from how obnoxious all of that is, I do like this cover.

  9. at least he is wearing Gap.

  10. where are the people that are saying, “yes yes yes FINALLY just what i’ve been waiting for, pop etc. continues to deliver!!!!11!!”

    srsly though. i haven’t seen anyone say anything good about their output yet, and i’m left wondering why they forge on with this kind of work without any positive reception, not just from a critical standpoint but from the indie audience as well.

    • (i mean i know they’re probably making music that they want to make, regardless, but it doesn’t even seem like they have any fans at all that are excited to receive it)

  11. I don’t understand. Didn’t this guy have a really hot girlfriend? She doesn’t care that they make this sort of video? Cracked out sketchy looking dude constantly looking to see if people are going to look at him while he attempts to take glances at a DSLR.

    POP ETC. Pay some good money, to get a good video down. Or something. This video should’ve never aired. POP ETC. realize how good the original Virgins would have been with real musical equipment. The ride and crash sound so processed. It’s ridiculous. Stop trying to blend in with Washed Out & ETC. It’s not too late to make a come back and evolve musically with “the morning benders” tm.

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