Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projects Dress Up For GQ

GQ has crafted a guide to dressing for the new year starring a few artists who made some of our favorite music of 2012. The photo gallery features Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors, Dev Hynes, and Solange in disarming black and white, wearing duds as impressive as their outputs this year. Check out the style guide for Monday night’s big celebration here.

[Photo by Sebastian Kim for GQ]

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  1. man. that party looks pretty cool. all i’m doing is grilling out and watching “the new girl” reruns. my life fucking SUCKS.

  2. They should have got ‘How To Dress Well” in on it.

  3. Word up to Chris Goldteeth and Lord Easy on the left-hand side!

  4. Act now and you’ll get Grizzly Bear’s new album Shields for only $10 with the purchase of our $2,380 Tuxedo by Prada…Don’t be a grizzled mess this Holiday Season. Be a Grizzled Bear!

    But wait THERE’S MORE!

    Tired of projecting a dirty atmosphere towards all your cocktail party guests?
    Well you don’t have to be Magellan to find these deals! Swing into our low prices with Ovadia & Sons
    $285 shirt! Car Insurance payment? Dentist Check Up? Not relevant when you look THIS good.

  5. So guess Grizzly Bear really does need some more money

  6. im sure their getting payed pretty nicely from all these magazines.

  7. Needs more Amber Coffman…


  9. Straight douchey

  10. Straight douchey indeed. Who wears this kind of overpriced nonsense?

    I do love this picture of Amber though…damn…

  11. father: “so it’s an article on how to dress well?”
    son: “no dad, although he did have a break-through 2012.”
    father: looks bemused, turns and walks away muttering to himself as he goes, “kids and their skinny jeans.”

    • this story (although surprisingly true) is now void as I failed to notice johnnyfuckhead’s prior statement…

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