Filter Presents Songs Of The Descendents

To celebrate its 50th issue, as well as the 50th birthday of Descendents frontman Milo Aukerman, the music magazine Filter is releasing a free-download Descendents tribute comp called, logically enough, Filter Presents: Songs Of The Descendents. The comp has people like YACHT, Mike Watt, TEEN, the Babies, and Band Of Horses frontman Ben Bridwell taking on the songs of the Cali punk originators. And in the first song we’ve heard from the comp, L.A. punks Fidlar take on the band’s deathless “Suburban Home,” somehow making it even snottier in the process. Brian Rodriguez guests, and I feel like I should know who that is, but I totally don’t. Download the cover below.

Filter hasn’t announced the details of the rest of the release yet, but it’s coming; more info here.

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  1. this comp is going to kick ass. descendents fucking rule. they ripped on people who wore tight jeans in the 70s. Goddamn prophets.

  2. It’s Milo Aukerman, not Ackerman.

  3. Ya, you guys are usually much less sloppy than this. AUCKERMAN!

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