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This week we published our list of The 50 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2013 with My Bloody Valentine at #1. A dubious choice perhaps; but, two days later the band announced they’d completed mastering a new album. It was a Christmas miracle. Post-holiday, we listed the year’s Top 30 Electronic Dance Tracks and 10 Biggest Band Beefs. We spoke to Johnny Marr and recounted the S.S. Coachella experience. We also produced an elegant tribute to the bands we lost this year. R.I.P. Chumbawamba. While you’re downloading our December Monthly Mix, check out the week’s highest and lowest rated comments below.



Yuseung Jo | Dec 24th Score:24

I cannot find Foals

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Jim Rountree | Dec 24th Score:26

damnit. i read that as dr. dog.

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#8 Dr. Feelgood | Dec 21st Score:29

And everyone hated it?

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#7 Dr. Feelgood | Dec 21st Score:29

Remember when you said this in the Pitchfork Top 100 Tracks?

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#6 plb102 | Dec 21st Score:29

When it comes to music, if you like it, copy_paster_cat thinks it SUCKS

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#5 Tim Martinez | Dec 21st Score:31

How did Sufjan not make the cut?

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David Mania Worthington | Dec 21st Score:33

Dear Pitchfork,

You desperately need to put “Put Your Back N 2 It” N 2 it.

A travesty and a sham.

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#3 shuffles | Dec 21st Score:37

Stereogum made this list just for copy_paster_cat.

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Jacob Taylor | Dec 24th Score:40

I predict a new album from Beck. And I base this on absolutely nothing.

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Kevin Broydrick | Dec 21st Score:53

Q: How many copy_paster_cats does it take to screw in a lightbulb.

A: Two; one to screw in the lightbulb and the other to claim the lightbulb is a shitty choice.

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#5 copy_paster_cat | Dec 21st Score:-14

No, I just don’t like the majority of those albums in Top 10 but as I said it’s pretty decent list overall. All my favorites (it’s on a pop side – Julia Holter, Jessie Ware, Peaking Lights) are either in the bottom or in the honourable mentions.

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Aiden Wylie | Dec 21st Score:-17

Why would there be any surprises? And why would you want any? Pitchfork is what Pitchfork is. There’s a sliding scale: if it has anything to do with an ex journalist then it gets 2.0 (Airborne Toxic Event), if its great but swings towards country towards too much it gets marked a 6 (Lambchop) and if it has anything to do with Kanye West remotely, or Pavement, remotely, then it gets a straight 10.

For what it’s worth, the Grizzly Bear album is the only record in that list I’d give the time of day to. It’s fabulous.

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Jean-Baptiste Say | Dec 23rd Score:-21

it’s just that i’m SO tired of reading names like kendrick lamar, frank ocean or asap rocky (i mean c’mon) mentioned right next to true artists and bands that released awesome albums this year like beach house, grizzly bear, cloud nothings, dirty projectors, tame impala, spritualized etc . stereogum is mixing apples and oranges. it’s like when people mention britney spears or christina aguilera among the greatest pop artists to ever live, it gets on my nerves. it’s not anything against BLACK people, it’s just that they are not good, they are not bringing anything new to the table. their formulas have been used to death. go listen to michael kiwanuka if you want REAL black music with MEANING. I don’t see his name anywhere on those end year lists.

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Jean-Baptiste Say | Dec 23rd Score:-29

it’s frank ocean and I’m on stereogum so I guess I should say it’s a masterpiece. oh yes, best song of the year, for sure. did I mention how incredibly mindblowing channel orange is? if not, I should have said it already. because I’m on stereogum and if you don’t like it you might as well stop listening to music altogether because you don’t know shit. wow frank ocean best artist EVER, don’t you think?

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#1 copy_paster_cat | Dec 21st Score:-54

I only got Fiona Apple right in my prediction lol. embarrassing. Don’t care about hip-hop and therefore Mr. Lamar as I don’t use a word ’bitch’ in my regular oration usually but I guess good for the lad, you deserve it maybe. Overall, fairly decent list. Think they’re suffering a bit of an identity crisis now, a kind of ’jack of all trades, master of none’ publication. Where they used to be excellent at spotting indie records & trends, we get the bizarre top 10 inclusion of Beach House & Grizzly Bear albums that are perfectly decent, but would struggle to get anyone particularly excited. Guess it doesn’t help that it wasn’t a particularly strong year for indie rock… And if someone interested, my personal rankings:

10. Grizzly Bear- Shields – I tried, really I did, but this album bores me. “Yet Again” is pretty good though – 6.4
9. Death Grips- The Money Store – like two or three songs but STILL don’t liek hip-hop in general – n/a
8. Chromatics- Kill for Love – see my previous series of comments on this turd – 2.3
7. Beach House- Bloom – Teen Dream B-Sides arrived – 5.5
6. Grimes- Visions – quirky Mariah Carey – half of the songs are pure pop bliss, another half is annoying as shit – 7.4
5. Swans- The Seer – definitely too leftfield for me – n/a
4. Tame Impala- Lonerism – n/a

Fuck, Tame Impala are like the Instagram of music- their fanbase made up almost entirely of Triple J listening Gen Y-ers, screaming ’retrooo’ and ’vintaggge’. Fuck this stupid 60s hippie culture revival.

3. Fiona Apple- The Idler Wheel… – 8.4 – Consistent throughout, but not wholly satisfying. My pick for #1 in the Village Voice poll this year.
2. Frank Ocean- Channel Orange – 7.0 – well…
1. Kendrick Lamar- Good Kid, M.A.A.D City – se above – n/a

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Dec 26th Score:7

I’m gonna miss you, peeing-in-own-mouth monkey band.

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: In fact I do believe Kevin, but this is my first time encountering this particular Meme-ento, which is special. Meme Bloody Valentine, let's hope for more.]

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  1. Another week of pure copy_paster_cat bliss. Definitely on my radar for becoming one of my most beloved commenters of 2013.

  2. now my mistake is immortalized.

  3. Aw shit y’all, Scott knows I exist. One step closer to blogosphere fame guys.

    By the way, plb and Raptor need to hit me up about our blog. I want to call it Commentorgum, where basically we re-post all the Stereogum and Videogum articles and talk about them ourselves with less professionalism and verbosity. Our first stories will be covering the release of Dr. Dre’s Detox and a Turntable Interview with Tupac’s hologram.

    • I seriously just tried to tag those two in this comment like on Facebook. It’s all bleeding together. Help me.

      • First post should be top ten commenter beefs of 2012. All the best ones involved Michael_, but there were probably some other good ones I am forgetting.

        Speaking of comments, is there going to be a Top 50 Comments of 2012 post? I was gonna write some really beautiful stuff about what a great year it’s been and how wonderful all you guys are.

    • I had my mind on making a blog this week. It would have to include a feature about how Frankie STILL hasn’t given us a vinyl release of channel ORANGE. It’d look something like this:

      *Day #171*

      “Still no sign of an official “channel ORANGE” vinyl release. I’m still waking up at four in the morning covered in sweat. The memory of my sister crying when I told her that not even Santa Clause could produce a Frank Ocean LP for her. Why Def Jam?! Why must you deny music fans the happiness of an official “channel ORANGE” LP! Thankfully this Killer Mike vinyl release with a whole extra vinyl with El-P’s instrumental beats is still tiding me over, but it’s almost the new year…

      PLEASE send me as many free products as possible. Love, raptor jesus “

      • I took my R.A.P. Music vinyls to this party a few weeks ago, and we just kept repeating the instrumental Big Beast and forced everyone in the room to freestyle over it. Hesitations = 1 shot. I browned out.

  4. HOLY SHIT! Did you guys know that you can TAG BLOG POSTS?! I know it sounds like I’m being sarcastic but this is seriously a revelation for me. Now I’ve got all my best of 2012 coverage in one place. This week I wrote a writeup on the 5 BEST and 5 WORST U.S. chart-pop songs of 2012, lemme know what you guys think (spoiler alert: two of stereogum’s best EDM songs were in my worst 5).

    I’m seriously so jazzed about this tagging thing, I just wanna start tagging words like “verisimilitudinous” and “master splinturd” in my posts so people struggle to figure out why I tagged that thing at all.

    At any rate, check it out, and downvote away haters!

  5. Happy New Year, ya ragged bunch of jerks. And I mean that endearingly. I’m getting in the mood to get rip roaring drunk. And think of all of you.

  6. So, I was going to quit last week but seeing that my P4K comments are in this week’s review I thought I should answer to comments.

    So, Happy New Year, you are all lovely people and I’m just a miserable lonely fuck craving for attention wuth all those provocative comments. I promise, I’ll become a better person next year and will spend less time on the internet and maybe even will find some friends. Bye. watch?v=Er8PN385PEA

    • I can change
      I can change
      I can change
      I can change
      I can change
      I can change
      I can change
      If it helps me get upvotes

  7. Pastor Cat completely dominated this month, much kudos on your despot-like control over the gummers.

  8. Today, the penultimate day of 2012, I wanted to post one last list.

    raptor jesus’ top ten penultimate tracks of 2012:

    01. “Anything We Want” — Fiona Apple
    02. “Skin” — Grimes
    03. “Set It Right” — How To Dress Well
    04. “Brats” — Liars
    05. “The House That Heaven Built” — Japandroids
    06. “Let Me Be Him” — Hot Chip
    07. “Half Gate” — Grizzly Bear
    08. “A Piece of the Sky” — Swans
    09. “Willie Burke Sherwood” — Killer Mike
    10. “me Yesterday//Corded” — Flying Lotus

    Happy New Year!

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