Sky Ferreira - "Lost In My Bedroom" Video

In her video for “Lost In My Bedroom,” ascendant haze-popper Sky Ferreira looks zonked-out and disheveled — sometimes with a dude next to her, mostly not. The whole thing is recorded home-movie-style, with editing so hectic that there’s an epilepsy warning at the beginning of the clip. Watch it below.

Ferreira’s Ghost EP is out now on Capitol.

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  1. When did the stoner version of Wild Things drop?

  2. kind of ruined by the elite gymnastics post re: sky vs. lana vs. grimes and the whole manufactured quality to everyone except grimes. but, at the end of the day, good pop is good pop like good poop is good poop regardless of whether you had to toughen it up with some immodium. starting the year off right.

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