Father John Misty

Many commenters called us out for not including Father John Misty’s Fear Fun on our list of the Top 50 Albums Of 2012, and you know what? You might have a point there. So we can begin the healing now, by posting this video of FJM doing a karaoke cover of R. Kelly’s gospel affirmation-anthem “I Believe I Can Fly” aboard S.S. Coachella. “I Believe I Can Fly” is not an easy song to sing, partly because it’s vocally demanding and partly because it’s a really hackneyed piece of music, but Misty sells it. His performance puts to shame karaoke dilettantes such as yours truly, balancing power and technical precision and just enough schmaltz to keep the whole thing from coming off utterly preposterous. It’s also fun to get a look at the scene on the boat, which seems incredibly louche and kind of surreal. Check it out.

[Via CoS]

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  2. Har Mar Superstar makes it even more amazing than it already was.

  3. Who let Ron Jeremy sing backup vocals?

  4. “If you can’t eat it, you can’t fuck it.” #benchlady

  5. Putting the Fleet into Foxes.

  6. I remember meeting him after a Fleet Foxes show in Seattle. He was kind of an ass.

    • I did sound for him a few months back and he was nice enough to me, but he just had a weird attitude, like he was too cool for everything. Funny guy though, and very talented. Fear Fun is amazing.

      • Yeah, that’s exactly how he was. He kind of came off as an ass that night, but maybe touring was just getting the best of him.

        • I met Robin, Christian, and Casey one night behind the Masonic Auditorium in Cleveland. I walked up to them because I was all, “Holy shit that’s Fleet Foxes” and they’re one of my favorite bands of all time. Let me tell you they were WEIRD. Robin pecknold smelled like he literally hadn’t bathed in a year. I had to force conversation out of them and I wasn’t being the overzealous fanboy either, cool and collected all the way. They basically obliged us in near silences, and afterwards looked at each other and said “Uh let’s go back on the bus”. I didn’t really take it to heart, I’ve just come to realize that musicians (Especially Indie musicians) are either cool and down-to-earth, or just weird as hell.

          • Robin was really nice. A bit awkward, but nice. The smell thing is definitely true. I shook hands with another of the members and said great show, and he didn’t really say anything back so that was incredibly awkward, so I just kinda ran back to my friends.

    • Was a total gentleman when I met him.

  7. Nice save, Gummy.

  8. settles it. not to turn into one of those tween girls comment on bieber or whatever videos about how hot he is, but right now I am totally am one. I want t so much to make sweet love to him right now. like oh my god. those hips, those moves.

  9. shirtless pics indicate that FJM has successfully implemented the principles of The Four Hour Body.

  10. Oddly enough backing vocals was Har Mar Superstar AKA Sean Tillmann, unrelated to J. Tillman AKA Father John Misty.

  11. Is it just me or does no one here look like they’re actually having that much fun? The majority of the audience is recording it with their iPhone for some cheap thrills later. Drunk chick on the bench is the only one enjoying herself. I can tell you if I paid the kinda money these guys did for SS Coachella I would be living it up.

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