Free Energy - "Girls Want Rock"

Free Energy’s ridiculously fun and catchy sophomore LP Love Sign is a couple of weeks away from release, and we’ve already heard a ton of songs from it: “Electric Fever,” “Dance All Night,” “Hangin’,” “Street Survivor.” But this is an entirely filler-free album we’re talking about here, so if those jams haven’t been enough to convince you, the fired-up singalong “Girls Want Rock” should do the trick. It’s streaming below, and it is excellent.

Love Sign is out 1/15 on Free Energy’s own Free People label, which means every major label and big indie is fucking up so bad. If you can’t sell this, you are bad at your job.

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  1. It seems like this album’s been on the verge of release for the past year.

  2. I still don’t get why this album is being self-released, either. Good for them and all for taking matters into their own hands, but I got the general vibe that doing it through their own means wasn’t the initial plan. All of these songs are pop rock gems and deserve more ears.

    Pitchfork has also blown off covering them.

  3. That intro is nearly identical to the intro from The Cars “My Best Friend’s Girl”

    Someone please create a mashup called My Best Friend’s Girl Wants Rock, thanks.

  4. i saw free energy play before deer tick as sxsw a few years ago. they were awful. his voice was out of key and the songs were as generic as you can get. and everyone loved it. everyone talked about how amazing they were. i thought i was rowdy roddy piper’s character in “they live” for a while, everyone raving about them and i’m the only one who can see they’re aliens.

    deer tick was hilarious, though. he was so wasted that he kept fucking up their setlist and would play a different song than the rest of the band. i laughed my ass off.

  5. I love this kind of music. When it’s good it’s so pleasurable that the concept of guilt doesn’t even exist. When it’s bad it’s so cheesy it makes you want to go goth. These guys are an example of the latter, every time.

    • Damnit, i thought you were gonna say the former. They get me pumped, but I could see how people would kinda get a Fountains of Wayne for younger guys vibe from em. This is the kind of music that demands ironic pogoing.

      • I’ve never listened to Fountains of Wayne, but Stacy’s Mom is a freaking Cars masterpiece compared to these guys. Agree, irony must be the central concept for Free Energy, and that’s never a good recipe.

        To make this kind of music work, you have to aim for undeniably classic songs and don’t worry about risking being cheesy. I think these guys literally aim for undeniably cheesy songs and don’t worry about risking being classic.

        • I think that’s a good way to put it. I guess if the listener is down to get sprayed with cheese (similarly to the Free Energy paint vid) they can pogo as ironically or sincerely as they please. The music is hella fun though.

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