Angel Haze

Well, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand. Angel Haze and Azealia Banks, two very good rappers who seem to have a lot in common, started out today by going at each other’s necks on Twitter. (Read the whole exchange here.) And already Angel Haze has fired off the first on-wax attack, delivering the double-time bloodthirsty dis track “On The Edge.” If nothing else, it shows that Angel Haze is an absolutely ridiculous monster of a rapper. I do not expect Azealia to let this one slide, so look for this to continue. In the meantime, download “On The Edge” below.

(via Nah Right)

If you want to hear a less fearsome mood, check out the Reservation and Classick mixtapes.

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  1. Azealia Banks will probably reply with her own Angel Haze diss track. Then promptly push its release date back about 10 times…cancel a few live appearances, then release a nail varnish instead.

  2. I suppose this was likely to happen eventually. For what it’s worth, I think Haze is the better rapper, and she’s been on a streak for a while now.

  3. Angel Haze is an attention hoor. This is a poor publicity stunt. She already had the track prepared before going to twitter to diss Azealia. Anyway even if Azealia ever did a crap it’d still be better than that.

  4. Someone let me know when Brooke Candy gets in on this…

  5. If Azealia Banks spent HALF the energy she spends starting twitter beefs on her album, this would be a done deal. Banks is the shit, but what’s it worth if she just keeps riding her own hype? Granted, I’d never even heard of Angel Haze before she dropped this, but yet I’m already convinced she’s on her shit more than Azealia…

  6. The track was recorded last year not in 20 minutes. Like I said, poor publicity stunt

    • Allegedly. Angel says the beat is from 2012. Azealia says Diplo says she wrote the song last year, but also says he had nothing to do with it (so how does he know?). My thoughts? Let them throw shit at each other and just enjoy the music.

  7. Angel was the 2012 Azealia, now who’s gonna be the 2013 Angel ? Oh hyped female rappers world …

  8. Weird horn sounds are way too high in the mix, blech. This could be turned into a decent song eventually though.

    I guess they need inspiration from somewhere, but the fact that it comes from a “twitter battle” is a huge turnoff to me–a disposable theme.

  9. I wouldnt want her on my case. She can fuckin rap.

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