Jack White on Austin City Limits

I’m having special levels of good feeling toward Jack White right now, after watching my Baltimore Ravens advance in the playoffs in Ray Lewis’s last-ever home game. (Ravens fans like to chant the “Seven Nation Army” riff after every big play. Because we’re awesome.) And it’s pretty fortuitous that White appeared on the PBS live-music show Austin City Limits this past weekend, and that his whole episode is already online. During the show, White played with both his male and female backing bands, wore a badass powder-blue suit, and played White Stripes, Raconteurs, and Dead Weather songs, as well as joints from his still-underrated solo album Blunderbuss. Watch the whole hour-long throwdown below.

Blunderbuss is out now on Third Man/Columbia. Denver Broncos, you are about to get wrecked.

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  1. That’s a whole 20-minutes of an hour-long throwdown.

  2. Fans of pretty much every soccer team in Europe have been doing that Seven Nation Army chant for years, so I wouldn’t get too excited. Also, your team’s biggest star is a murderer who got off on a technicality, yet still has a job that pays him millions of dollars to do physical violence to other people. There is nothing about that organization that’s worth being proud of.

    On an unrelated note, Jack White is musical gold.

  3. I appreciate that Jack White isn’t for everyone, but I’ll never fathom why.

  4. One of the few class acts in music today.

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