Factory Floor - "Fall Back"

The London goth-dance trio Factory Floor continue to absolutely bend minds from one 12″ single to the next, fusing jacked-up Chicago house music to dark and mysterious textures for a whole bunch of minutes at a time. Their latest, “Fall Back,” runs eight and a half absolutely sublime minutes and further supports the hypothesis that Factory Floor are maybe the best band in the world who haven’t bothered to release an album. When that full-length does finally arrive, I expect great things. In the meantime, stream “Fall Back” below.

The “Fall Back” 12″ single is out 1/15 on DFA.

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  1. It is unacceptable to write a blurb about Factory Floor without mentioning that Nikki once led KaitO, who were amazing. Someday someone is going to go back and listen to their releases and realize just how weird and wonderful they really are. John Peel was no dummy.


    DFA consistently jazzing alllllll the bitties’ pantaloons

  3. That’s weird, I was just listening to 16-16-9-whatever last night, wishing another single would come soon.

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