Kitty Pryde - Dead Island

With her new track “Dead Island,” Kitty Pryde has really nailed down a sound that she flourishes in. Her vocals are still soft and sweet but paired with an alt-pop beat replete with seemingly-never-to-be-retired “Pon De Floor” drums, Kitty sounds fiercer than ever but just as dreamy as you expect. Watch the glittery video for the track below.

Kitty Pryde’s next mixtape D.A.I.S.Y. Rage is out this year.

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  1. Is there anyone who actually thinks this chick is talented?

    • Talent is the last thing you need to be a rap star on the Internet these days. Why do you think Def Jam paid Trinidad James $2 million?
      “Wiz is black and yellow and I’m white and fucking terrible”
      Even she thinks so.

      All that aside, this is probably her best song so far.

    • I like this and I think she is talented

    • Yeah.

      I mean, we can debate the merits of a skinny, white, and seemingly awkward girl rapping at all. Let alone rapping about white girl problems. And if you’re going to take that approach, then her presence is probably offensive. Especially with like, Kreayshawn as her closest rap contemporary (demographic-wise.)

      But if we’re talking about actual talent…. have you actually listened to her lyrics? I would say her lyrics are smarter, funnier and more self-aware than 80-90% of every other rapper that circulates the blogozone. Her flow isn’t particularly horrendous either.

      • To intelligently continue this conversation, I’ll counterpoint and say that her self-awareness and (to a degree) deliver is what can make her material so grating to some (including me).

        I just find a lot* of her music to be pandering towards a forced “Indie” audience, even worse than Lana Del Rey about a year ago (Gee, Remember that?). I mean, I think her self-awareness makes this forced style and “gimmick” even worse.

        Plus, while her flow is OK…it’s really her lyricism and her voice. It’s not the female voice that grates me, I love my share of female rappers. Pryde, however, uses a “Cute n’ Sexy!” voice all the time that really feels like it’s pandering towards being sexy rather than being good music.

        But hey, that’s just me. If other people dig this, that’s cool. I just don’t get it.

        • I’m not sure I agree with your second paragraph, but I can see where you’re coming from with it.

          I do think the “cute n’ sexy” voice falls more in line with pandering toward the self-aware mock-seriousness junkies, than it does to the fellows looking to get their bone on. Although I don’t doubt that the latter are a seriously large number of her audience (and seemingly every female musicians audience.)

          Also as an aside, I don’t think her music is to be held high with the sophists of rap, and their stone tablets of Illmatic lyrics. I just think it’s very intelligent, funny music that needs to be appreciated on the level that it’s put out.

    • It’s not that she’s talented though. It’s that she’s female and not kreayshawn. she’s…interesting. It’s better than a lot of shit and it’s a different angle in rap music, and proof that really you don’t need to talk about how big your dick is to get attention as an artist and at least something new can come out of rap. Her beats are fucking interesting and she’s just different than anything you’ve ever heard. She’s not Danny Brown talented or Kanye talented but she’s at least as talented as any woman in rap or pop.

  2. I think I just don’t get this. Everyone has glowing things to say about her and I’m sure they have good reason for doing that, so I’ll just take their word for it. And just leave it at that.

  3. still annoying.

  4. You elitists take music so seriously. It’s fun and catchy. Making music that is fun and catchy is in and of itself a talent. Not everything’s gotta be “The House That Heaven Built” (not to knock it, though).

  5. well if I didn’t take music seriously, I would have laughed. But I don’t think I could do anything else. I mean this girl has got nothing to say, it’s not funny or meaningful, just empty as a teenager playing MC in front of the mirror. But she’s cute, knows how to use her image, and she sure as hell can make some money out of her teenage uninteresting bs. (downvotes start … NOW)

  6. this beat sounds like dan deacon

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