"Redford" Gives You Wings

From Sufjan’s very own Tumblr site (aka sufjan.com) comes news of the estimable Mr. Stevens’s first post-Xmas project of the new year: Turning over the keys to “Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)” to the energy drink industry. Per Sufjan, whose spin on “selling out” is decidedly playful:

Selling out never looked so good. But someone had to pay for all that Christmas confetti. Forgive me Mark Bittman. My love yet remains with yia yia + pappou, shining in perpetual light.


“Redford” Gives You Wings™:

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  1. I totally knew him before the Red Bull commercial.

  2. I got chills, especially when he jumps out of the capsule. I’ll say this, Red Bull makes great commercials from an artistic standpoint.

  3. Soyfan is set on world domination.

  4. Every time I hear this song after being taken through the journey of Undun I almost feel like I could cry. It’s incredible that such simple notes can carry such weight.

  5. check it out guys, this guy tried to make money


  6. “In light of my new partnership with Red Bull, ive decided that banjos and soft synths are for pussies. its all electric guitar and Led Zeppelin covers from here on out folks.” – Sufjan “Radbones” Stevens

  7. It’s a wonderful piece of music, and a wonderful ad. And hey, most bands would be honored to be offered a placement in an ad like this. Sync licensing is really the only revenue source musicians (especially independent musicians) have left.

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