Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Bag Of Bones" video

In their video for “Bag Of Bones,” a troglodytic stomp-rocker from their 2012 comeback album Meat And Bones, the members of the reunited ’90s underground hellraisers Jon Spencer Blues Explosion appear in animated form. They travel through a psychedelic universe, starting barfights and macking on six-eyed alien ladies. Seems like it should be an average Tuesday for these guys. Lucy Dyson and Joseph Jensen direct; watch it below.

Meat And Bone is out 9/18 on Boombox/Mom + Pop.

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  1. “Do you remember the 1990s”?

    Well, duh. Nobody who didn’t would still be listening.

    Not half bad, though. Growing on me.

  2. This isn’t a new band. They were pretty well known, back in the 90s, in some circles, and then stopped recording around the end of that decade. The stuff they did back then sounded a lot like this — very new and exciting back in 1993 or 1994 when they were touring clubs. They’re emblematic of a decade that’s been over for twelve years now. It’s still a lot of fun — once you got past the dumb corporate profit-margin shit like Nirvana, you have no idea how much FUN music could be back then — but it’s not exactly the next big thing any more.

    So I was making kind of a joke about older men listening to old music by old men from the old days when we came of age. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

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