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  • The 10 Weirdest Joy Division Items On Etsy
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8. "Trapped Butterfly Dance" Wall Art

A masterpiece of subtlety, inference, and stretching the limits of band-derived art, here we have a literal interpretation of a fan-adopted description of Ian's dancing. Personally, I always thought he looked more like a spastic automaton than a trapped butterfly, but that's just splitting hairs. This butterfly is trapped, sort of, because it has lead weights tied to its wings, which must make flying difficult. Those little metal-tipped things are sewing pins. Imagine how long this took to make.

Craftwerk is a new recurring feature on Stereogum, in which we’ll unearth some of the oddest, most unlikely indie-rock-related fan-created crafts on the web. The first installment of this franchise was published last November, in a story listing the 10 Weirdest Radiohead Items On Etsy. Today, the the series kicks off in earnest, with 10 bizarre homemade tributes to the great Joy Division, all available for purchase on Etsy.

Etsy, you bring us such wondrous gifts. Unlicensed merchandise for classic bands? Check. Creations of such unfathomable weirdness they must be seen and shared to be believed? Oh yeah.

I wonder what the ghost of Ian Curtis would think, if ghosts were real, and if he could see the incredibly weird arts and crafts some creative fans have crafted in his image. Would he beat his incorporeal fists against the walls of his spectral prison? Would he pause to admire the devotion and hard work inspired by the art he created in his short, troubled life? Hard to say, but I like to think our pre-goth poet laureate had a healthy sense of humor. I pray you do as well, as you proceed into the depths of the indescribably odd merchandise that will appear on this list: These are the 10 weirdest Joy Division items I could find on Etsy.

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  2. Well, this was amusing. I am amused.

  3. Holy shit, “Hang in There” is truly great.

  4. I think I need that pillow.

  5. How I felt after getting the last one.

  6. this guy should be there:


  8. If you think bootleg vinyl of a long-defunct postpunk band is weird, you’ve only scratched the surface.

  9. Might get some downvotes here, but I’m not digging this “Craftwerk” feature. Just seems kind of lazy…. sorry.
    I’m only saying this because I love you, Stereogum.

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