The Men - New Moon

The ferocious Brooklyn rock band the Men have released two albums, both excellent, in the last two years, and they are apparently not slowing down. A whole nother album, New Moon, is set to arrive in March. The band recorded the album in the Catskills town of Big Indian, and they expanded to a quartet for the occasion, adding producer Ben Greenberg to the fold as a full-time bassist. First single “Electric” follows up on the increased level of classic-rock melody on last year’s Open Your Heart, adding some anthemic bar-rock charge to the surging basement-punk banger. Listen to the song and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Open The Door”
02 “Half Angel Half Light”
03 “Without A Face”
04 “The Seeds”
05 “I Saw Her Face”
06 “High And Lonesome”
07 “The Brass”
08 “Electric”
09 “I See No One”
10 “Bird Song”
11 “Freaky”
12 “Supermoon”

New Moon is out 3/5 on Sacred Bones.

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  1. Yea motherfuckers

  2. Yeah, sounds like The Men song. I can’t tell the difference between almost all of them but maybe it’s good thing. Plain and simple indie rock, nothing more, nothing less. I like the poppier side of this band that comes out here. I just wish they wrote more catchy, accessible straightforward songs like the title track from the last record.

    • I’ve always been a big advocate of the band and I don’t dislike this song, but I can’t argue with you on that this sounds an expected Men song, which in turn kind of makes me wish they took 2013 off and let their last two albums appreciate in value more. Instead, it’s more of the Men, and yes, they rock really well and getting slightly better at it on each album, but my ears personally don’t like to be unsurprised. It goes without saying that Pitchfork just named this Best New Track, citing its “effortless” style as a talking point. Effortless for me is beginning to sound too easy for the Men, and that’s both a compliment and a criticism.

      • Actually, after listening to it like six times in a row, I really like this. I think it’s actually caught somewhere in between “Bastille” and “Open Your Heart” At the end of 2012 when I was assembling my year-end lists, I actually realized I felt Open Your Heart was too polished and much less noisy, so this works for me.

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