Beck Models For Yves Saint Laurent

Following a GQ photo spread featuring Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors flaunting their suit game — not to mention Lana Del Rey’s occasionally bizarre gig as the face of H&M — now Beck has made the transition from music to modeling. The sheet-music scribe just finished shooting a campaign for Yves St. Laurent. As GQ tells us:

The singer, who once scored the soundtrack for an early [Heidi] Slimane-era Dior Homme runway show, was styled and shot by the designer himself for the images and certainly embodies the effortless cool that appears to have informed so many of Slimane’s first designs for the house.

Swag. Check out all five prints from the campaign here.

Comments (7)
  1. There’s only one picture where is mouth is indisputably closed.

  2. are the ads going to come out in braille? then we have to use the braille to draw out the ads ourselves and put the pictures on youtube?

  3. Swag indeed, swag indeed.

  4. I see Beck went with his standard “Trying to solve a magic eye puzzle” face. This is for sure one of my favorite Beck faces, second only to his signature “Vulnerable Chipmunk”.

  5. Odelay Beck in effect!

  6. Still can’t forgive him for that album with no music rubbish. What an utterly twattish thing that was.

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