Foxygen - "San Francisco" Video

This is the week that the music universe finally woke up from its long holiday nap, and there were a lot of fun music videos out this week. There were so many, in fact, that I couldn’t find room for the video where Charli XCX, dressed like a post-candy raver, shoots machine guns, and that video is pretty much right up my alley. So the five below, I assure you, are worth your time. Including the Ke$ha one. The five picks are below.

5. Ke$ha – “C’Mon” (Dir. Darren Craig)

Unemployment might not be such a big problem in this country if Ke$ha’s mob of horny furry hoodlums showed up in their Mystery Machine every time someone found herself without work. I figure there’s at least a 60% chance that Wayne Coyne is one of the guys in the animal costumes.

4. Mac DeMarco – “Dreamin’” (Dir. Jason Harvey)

Perhaps this should not surprise us, but Mac DeMarco makes an extremely convincing deranged dirtbag. If this career in indie rock doesn’t pan out, he may find his true calling by wandering through dilapidated exurban woods in slime-drenched 17th century finery. There has to be a market for that, right?

3. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – “Furisodation” (Dir. ?)

The people of Japan, it seems, will not let South Korean’s booming pop industry out-weird them on the music video front. I doubt that this will lead to a think-piece boom or a billion YouTube hits, but the euphoric confusion I felt watching this for the first time reminded me of “Gangnam Style.” Also, I’m pretty sure this is what Kanye West was going for with the dinner scene of his “Runaway” short film.

2. The Child Of Lov – “Give Me” (Dir. Focus Creeps)

This video’s scenes of revelry mirror the ones we’ve seen in a million other videos, with a crucial distinction: The people in this video look like actual human beings, not music video ciphers. There’s not a tiny bit of central casting in here; instead, it actually appears to be a mob of people, beautifully shot verite style, cutting loose at the end of a long week. It’s inspirational like that.

1. Foxygen – “San Francisco” (Dir. Cameron Dutra)

If you’re a new band on the verge of getting a whole lot of attention, this is how you make a music video: Put serious care into wardrobe and shot composition, figure out exactly what aesthetic you want to project, make sure that even the slowest viewer can figure out exactly what you’re about within 30 seconds. If music videos could still make stars, this would be a star-making video. It still might be one.

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  1. No Lil’ B? “I Love You” was just so great yesterday.

  2. I thought that was Michael Cera.

  3. It is one of my least favorite criticisms of music but I just have to say that Ke$ha has mastered the art of making every song she does sound the same.

  4. With a complete understanding and acceptance of the fact that I’m going to get down votes..

    Foxygen is not a good band name. In fact, it’s rather “ugh” inducing, as far as band names go. One variation of another of the song in that video has been done about 1000 times since the 60s. And that guys voice is… ummm… yeah… Look, I don’t mind it, to be honest, but I’m not sure it’s a ‘star making’ voice.

    • i agree that “foxygen” is a dumbass band name, but i LOVE this stuff they’re pumping out. they’re dancing around the 60s ever so fancily and expertly.

  5. I doubt the k-pop industry produces weirder music videos than the J music industry.

    i mean, come on.

  6. comparing kyary pamyu pamyu to psy. ok sterogum

    • Kyary is way better than PSY. i wish Stereogum reviewed her previous videos (they are as strange and funny as gangnam style) and her songs are catchy, thats what pop should be

  7. I want to lick Kesha’s legs. I’m pretty sure I’d get a nasty infection though.

  8. Oh and by the way, people who like Foxygen are obviously unaware of a band called Love.

    • Are we acting like Love didn’t sound like any other music from the 60′s? Besides I definitely wouldn’t say this band is straight up mimicking them parts of them remind of Belle and Sebastian as much as their 60′s influences, but of course you could just blame that on Belle and Sebastian’s 60′s influences. Anyway, I think Foxygen is a worse name for this band than it is in general. If Foxygen were the female counterparts to Wolfmother I don’t think the name would get as much flack.

    • Foxygen seem like one of those bands whose buzz will climb to high levels with a critically adored album that’s accessible to the indie masses, Pitchfork’s backing and their name in small font on the Coachella poster. As Tom wrote up, the visual aesthetic thing does a lot to brand them — People love image-conscious indie bands, still, for whatever reason. By April, they’ll play to one of the more packed tents at Coachella, and in four years, we’ll probably be bored with them and their image.

  9. That’s the most non psychedelic video of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu :D

  10. yes foxygen is a crappy band name button after seeing them play at CMJ and talking to them after and then bumping into them again on the street in the LES I can say these dudes fucking rock on multiple levels and really deserve the success that is soon coming to them. Amazing live act, and really great songwriting.

  11. And this, kids, is the story of how Ke$ha became a plushy

  12. “Have a nice life dick!”. Seriously? That’s the best putdown they could come up with?

  13. God, I love Kyary. I STILL don’t understand why “Pon Pon Pon” was less successful than “Gangnam Style.”

    • Something I’d like to mention, and always wanted to point out about Gangnam Style:

      - stereotypical funny fat asian man
      - song sounds like a club hit
      - video is funny enough; like show-your-parents-funny, not 4chan-disturbing-funny
      - dance is cowboy/horse inspired which attracts enough fun in the club, and hits rednecks right in the sweet spot (enough for them to distract them from the culture-clash/inner-racism)

      Not surprised that PonPonPon is not as successful as Gangnam Style.

  14. You just can’t even compare Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to Psy, she’s wonderful. But Korean music has nothing to do with Japanese music anyway, besides of the two of them being Asian.

    But anyway, I’m still happy to see Kyary in this site, haha.

    • yeah Javier, there’s a problem with Kpop trying to be an imitate american edm pop acts. it gets out of hand. but there are good Korean acts nontheless. Jpop is better coz it maintains that Japanese_ness??!

  15. FINALLY STEREOGUM IS EMBRACING Jpop (miracles do happen) its way better than Kpop and the videos are BETTER!!! DAMN i love KYARY . i wish you’d give PERFUME A CHANCE!

    jpOP forever!!

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