Frank Ocean - Pink Matter (Remix) (Feat. André 3000 & Big Boi)

Frank Ocean orchestrates an OutKast reunion of sorts with this remix of “Pink Matter,” one of Channel Orange’s most melancholic tracks. While the song already featured a bleak-toned verse from André 3000, Big Boi hops on here in a bout of ’Kast-fan service. It’s not the most stellar collaboration, as it seems like Big Boi isn’t completely aware of how gut-wrenching in subject that track is he’s contributing to. But no need to fret, OutKast fans! Big Boi says that he’ll also being remixing T.I.’s “Sorry,” which you may recall features a confessional guest appearance from 3000, in which he even addresses his relationship with Big Boi. Check out the “Pink Matter” remix below and stayed tuned for the T.I. remix.

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  1. A tip of my hat to Big Boi. It takes a certain kind of man to dedicate your entire verse to anal sex in a slow jam and still respect yourself in the morning.

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  2. Frank Ocean and Outkast should record an album together

  3. Doesnt really feel like real collaboration to me. Big boi kind of just slots himself in there. Not to say his verse wasnt good, because it was, but he really had nothing to do with the song.

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