Pinback - "Proceed To Memory" video

Pinback’s Information Retrieved was one of 2012′s undersung gems — it’s a quiet refinement of Pinback’s signature sound, and it’s still getting spins on my iPod. “Proceed To Memory” is one of the album’s several highlights; we first heard the song back in August, months before the full-length was released, but it’s being only now been issued with a video. The time-lapse clip shows a pair of artists painting a three-story high recreation of the cover of Information Retrieved on the side of a building. Check it out.

Information Retrieved is out now via Temporary Residence.

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  1. This mural is still up, on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg near Grant Ave. It’s huge, you literally cannot miss it. My brother and I have been walking by it for weeks and debating the apparently brazen expenditure in such cash-strapped times (good location at least, etc.). Point is: Non-narrative as it is, this video actually answers some questions! Good job, Pinback.

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