Tegan And Sara - I Was A Fool

Tegan & Sara continue on their “Fool” trend with “I Was A Fool” from their forthcoming album Heartthrob. The lush pop ballad is a perfect sonic meld of Kate Bush and Katy Perry, who Tegan says she was listening to a lot of while they were recording the album. But don’t let the Perry-comparisons deter you — the sound is more in line with the weightlessness of Katy-cotton candy than its sugar-overland. Check it out below.

Tegan & Sara’s Heartthrob is out 1/29 on Warner Brothers.

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  1. Oh, this is excellent.

  2. Like ‘Closer’, it’s not bad, but it’s not what I expect, or what I want, from Tegan and Sara. I know a lot of their fans worship them and will accept whatever they release as being great. I also understand their need to change it up and do something different after so many years in the business. Unfortunately, I just don’t think what I’ve heard thus far reaches much beyond generic. It could be anybody.

    • It’s pretty silly that you’re basically dismissing any T&S fans who like the direction in which they’re moving as “fans who worship them and will accept whatever they release as being great.” Is it so unfathomable that some (even many) fans of the band could actually be hungry for something new, just as the band clearly is? And that they could think that the Quins are actually successfully pulling off the transition?

      If you’re not into it, that’s cool. But some of us legitimately are. It would be neat if people would just accept that it’s actually possible to continue loving a band even when the band changes its sound. It get annoying to see this sentiment so often.

      In related news, I love this song.

      • You really need to work on your reading comprehension. Either that or accept the fact that you ARE in fact ONE OF THOSE FANS. Or maybe both.

        The way my paragraph is written, in the introduction I state clearly that I don’t think the song is bad. I then acknowledge that there are some people who will love their music no matter what they do. There is NO insult or negativity in that statement. Absolutely zero. In the next sentence I acknowledge the fact that they, Tegan & Sara, would probably like to do something different at this point. Something you evidently failed to understand. In the last sentence I make it clear that I’m basing my opinion on what I’ve heard “thus far”. That implies that my feelings could change if I really love the album as a whole.

        None of that alters my opinion that their change in direction, THUS FAR, is not breaking any new ground. They have spoken very openly about the fact that they purposely made a more pop sounding album this time around. That’s cool if that’s what makes them happy, but as a listener, I’ve heard this music before.

        And yes, it is cool if I’m not into it, because art is subjective. We don’t all like the same things all the time. If we did the world would be a giant boring bleh. It would be neat if (some) people could accept that criticizing, or even discussing something without lavishing praise upon it, doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped loving it. It gets annoying to see people so closed minded to the reality that free thought, including criticism without malice, makes the world a more interesting place.

        In related news, I’m glad you love this song.

      • I Think you are absolutely right!!! Tegan and Sara have been growing over the years after each album, in fans and in artistry, and it is hard to find a balance between, your art and the people who embrace it. Tegan and Sara’s new sound will not only allow for a whole new set of fans and generation to hear music that has so much meaning and life lesson in it. It will also allow for the band to finally get the recognition that they deserve. They have been underrated for to long. With such beautiful lyrics and amazing voices they deserve the recognition of the best of them, and this direction even though it is new, it still has the same immaculate cemetery the band brings in every song and that they are known and loved for.

        So yes, its a new sound, but in my eyes it’s a new sound for the better, for change is progress and progress is need with art, so that beauty won’t be lost

    • I couldn’t agree more. The whole T&S appeal was the raw quality of their earlier/early work. They do sound very generic and the music off Heartthrob so far is quite disappointing. Even the name of the album sounds like something Avril Lavigne suggested. Feels more like musical devolution than anything else.

    • I completely agree with you Cerebus..I had been a great admirer of this band for years…but the music is simply poor…there is no going around that..I dont get where all this “hype” is coming from for this upcoming record

  3. Fun, but very familiar… Roxette’s Listen To Your Heart meets The Verve’s Velvet Morning, but without the melodic or arrangement punch of either. Still better than a lot of what’s out there tho’.

  4. So they want to do pop and also cater to a younger demographic…I get that….I also respect the fact that they are transparent to a degree with their audiences…but if they want to do POP the quality should be up to par…I agree with Cerebrus in that they simply created pop songs that are generic and lack creativity…in fact, I found their last album was poor as well..but certainly not as poor as the four songs I have heard from the hearthrob record…it seems that they really are projecting themselves and their band as a buisness and they seem to take pride in this….they are really good at creating “Hype” for themselves and unfortunately it seems to be working as people are blindly enthusiastic about a band that is CLEARLY CLEARLY producing increasingly poor quality material….I really am struck by how they can go from their first four records which were pure musical heaven to this current record…the only word that really comes to mind is….Appalling….we dont need to listen to Roxette Inspired music…we need you to use your own mind and create something original like you seemed to do so effortlessly back in 1998-2005….create all the media hype you want tegan and sara, the music will speak for itself! and its not saying much at all

  5. This song is awesome….along with Closer and I’m not your hero. Another great release from T&S

  6. I have been a fan of T&S for a while. I like that they are moving into this direction. I like pop music but I also really like their voices and lyrics. I personally really liked Feel It in My Bones, Body Work, and Every Chance We Get We Run. A lot of people really liked it too, I am glad they went in this direction. I can’t stop listening to this song!! Soooo Great!

  7. If you didn’t say who this was, I would have no idea that was Tegan singing. I have super mixed feelings about Heartthrob..I hate to see T&S turn into every other pop person on the radio. What made them special was their raw talent..I hate all the auto-tuning going on. :( I’m sure it will be better live, but I don’t think I would add this track to my playlist.
    Still love them though.

  8. This song reaches such an amazing plateau of bittersweet euphoria. Y’all naysayers are fools.

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