There have been rumors about the Rollings Stones, fake lineups and even offers from the organizers to make the festival all-vegetarian to entice the Smiths to reunite but now we have the official low-down on the acts performing at Coachella. The festival — which runs 4/12-14 and 4/19-21 — will feature appearances from Blur, Phoenix, the Stone Roses, Vampire Weekend, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse, and many more. Purchase your passes here.

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  1. No surprises, really, although RHCP again? C’mon… Kind of sad to see how small Franz Ferdinand’s font has gotten.

    Trash Talk, Social D, Descendents and the Evens are the good parts of the punk variety.

    • Oh snap, someone wake up Tom — Dropkick Murphys!

    • No Atoms for Peace is a surprising omission. I mean, Flea is already going to be there and all..

    • Look at how small Dinosaur Jr is.That shit’s a travesty.

    • What’s weird about Franz Ferdinand? For the band whose last album was released four years ago it’s still a very good spot and were they ever really big in the US?

      • When they’ve played in past years, their name was second or third on the day they’d play, so it looks like a big demotion. Not arguing that they haven’t lost steam here in the States, though, because they obviously have…

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      • FF are incredible. criminally underrated (really under-marketed) 3rd LP. saw them at Lollapalooza this past summer and their crowd was huge and singing along to every song. then they played a sold-out after-show opening for Jane’s Addiction. it was a wonderful day.

        also, complaining about font size/where a band falls in relation to another band on a bill is fucking stupid

        • Nice new profile pic, buddy. You’re very marketable in a photogenic sense. Kind of miss seeing your girl, I have to admit, though, and I hope all is well there. If not, that smile should fix that issue soon enough!

          • oh thanks and very observant (the girl part). we’ve had an amicable parting of ways. the sunglasses are the stereoscopic ones from a movie theater (i didn’t take them) and i wanted to see what it was like to wear them outside in the sun – really trippy/retina-burning!

          • Sorry to hear, bring it in bro… *bro hug fitting for a Bro-chella RHCP-headlining post*

    • I wonder if they should just flip the acts and make the headliners the smallest and if people would have a completely different outlook. Oh, I wonder…headliners at festivals are overrated anyway.

  2. Who did Anthony Kiedis make sweet heroin-addled love to in order to attain headliner status for every single festival in the United States for the past half a decade?

  3. Let’s hope this means a new Modest Mouse album is coming this year.

  4. last year’s was better.

      • Headliners? Yes… Undercard? I don’t think so. So deep

        • I completely agree. I was not as excited about the big acts this year, but after going through the list, there are 2x more bands that I am interested in seeing than there were last year. Also, really excited to see Modest Mouse and Stone Roses live. Sure, This is no Radiohead/Bon Iver/The Shins trifecta, but it is still a great lineup.

        • You don’t want deep at a festival.

          A handful of these many low font bands you want to see will play from Noon to 3-4pm. People will end up skipping these because they’re A) Tired from night before or like last year (B) it’s too motherfucking HOT.

          And then when it’s evening, you’ll have to pick between inevitable conflicts.

          So while it’s nice to see 20 bands you love on this line-up… truth is you’ll probably only see 10 perform.

    • Man Coachella 1787 was way better though, Mozart feat. Beethoven, Legendary.

  5. I’m not sure why Kurt Vile is bottom tier on Saturday, but then again a lot of really good rappers are low on that day too.

  6. “What?!!! No Daft Punk!!”
    - Every e-tarded idiot raver on my FB feed

  7. Surprised they didn’t book the long awaited Mars Volta reunion.

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  9. I thought Arcade Fire (and probably The Knife) were shoe-ins this year on the count of their new LP. Also, The Stone Roses? I’m pretty down with that.

  10. Anyone else notice Stone Roses and Blur switched spots on Coachella’s website?

    • Yep, just saw they switched on Guess Blur isn’t closing out the night, which I think is a shame.

      • damon said that he was really excited to be back wif his mates and making music again to close out the night, and we all got so excited because the time just felt so right – and then he decided nah mate, fuck that, got to do a performance of dr. dee later that night instead and the rest of blur didn’t understand and the fans were disappointed.

        but, you know, dr. dee.

        - Dr. D.

  11. RHCP? Again? What did I do to deserve this? They’ve become the new “explosions in the sky”, cannot be avoided.

  12. Meh, they’ve pulled off better. Overall, not worth the ticket price in my opinion.

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  14. Earl Sweatshirt. Sweet. Just as long as Tyler isn’t there.

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  16. First two days are boss but Sunday is a resounding meh. If I were to theoretically go, I would theoretically not feel bad when I left that Sunday morning. But I am very not theoretically broke. SO OH WELL.

    • Although the headliners are not my thing on Sunday, I am really excited to see Cloud Nothings, White Arrow, DIIV, JEFF the Brotherhood, Smith Westerns, Dinosaur Jr., and Tame Impala live, along with Grimes, and James Blake. Sunday is more about the “smaller” bands (by Coachella’s definition) then the headliners.

  17. IN WHAT WORLD is the chance to see nick cave, vampire weekend, social distortion, wu-tang, tame impala, grimes, gaslight anthem, dinosaur jr, father john misty, cloud nothings, and the smith westerns on a SINGLE day a terrible and/or meh day??

  18. Whoever decided the sizing of the font has weird priorities.

  19. Holy shit that Saturday lineup is AWESOME. I mean, personal tastes and all, but I’m going for that day alone. The only problem is I won’t be able to see half the artists I want to see because they’ll be playing at the same time.

    Friday and Sunday are pretty solid, too. In fact, other than the headliners (which I have often found are kind of a letdown when you look at the lineups) I think this is an overall great selection. And the cool thing about the headliners is that, once you’re there, they USUALLY deliver in grand fashion. Everyone is so happy to be there and to have the sun go down that the headliners could be almost anyone. If it’s somebody decent and they put on a good show the feeling from the crowd lifts the experience to something better than it should be. At least that’s the experience I’ve had.

    Why do the RHCP get hated on? They’re STILL a great live act with a MASSIVE catalog of songs that people love and they’re from SoCal. They’ve earned the right to be a closer at festivals. And honestly, it’s Sunday. If you don’t want to watch them you can leave. Which, truthfully, should make the crowd that stays very RHCP friendly.

    • They have MASSIVE catalog of songs that they only tap about 30% of. I would stomp an entire village of babies to be able to go to a 1991 RHCP show, but 2013 RHCP? No thanks.

      • I agree and disagree at the same time. I’ve been a hard core RHCP fan since Mother’s Milk, at which point I went back and picked up the earlier stuff. Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic was the soundtrack to a couple years of my life. Would I like to hear a few more jams from Mother’s Milk and BSSM? Yes, I would. But there’s not too much from before those albums that I lament not hearing live. They’re a different band now and their set lists reflect that. The only thing I’m not 100% sold on about 2013 Chili Peppers is Josh. He’s good, but he’s not John Frusciante and he never will be.

    • You hit it right on.

      Coachella Lineup: SOLID. A little bit of everything. Only thing missing is a huge rapper. Which is not a deal breaker for me.

  20. I’m not even that big of a Dinosaur Jr. fan but c’mon really The fucking Lumineers have a larger font?

    • The Lumineers are currently getting radio airplay, Dinosaur Jr. isn’t. But honestly, who cares? Most of those people will play on one of three stages, regardless of the size of their font. And I’d bet most of those bands don’t care what size their FONT is. They’re going to show up and play two weekends in the middle of a huge ass party. And if they’re “on” (the band, that is), you can bet that anybody who sees Dinosaur Jr. will be talking about it afterwards. I can picture J Masics’ hair swinging in the late afternoon heat already.

  21. So I see some people pooping on the Sunday lineup. Ya know what, as a regular Coachella attendee I gotta say, go ahead and leave! I say that for two reasons. First, ten thousand few people or so at Coachella would never upset me. Second, as I mentioned above, Coachella creates it’s own magic. That’s how it became such a special event to begin with. You see bands at Coachella you’ve never heard of, or if you have you’ve never paid any attention to them, and they’re fucking great! The bands that you go there to see, or who you’re excited are going to be playing, almost always deliver beyond expectations. Occasionally, and often when you least expect it, somebody drops a “that’s some of the best live music I’ve ever seen” set. So please, scoff at the ridiculous amount of bands Coachella has lined up for your reasonably priced ticket. And by all means, leave early.

    • “Reasonably priced” ?

      I thought Coachella was America’s most expensive festival.

      • Somewhere around 175 bands playing this year (give or take, it was hard to count the small ones).

        Ticket price is $349

        That’s $1.99 per band

        Lets say you only see half of them, that’s $3.98 per band

        Maybe you only see 1/3 of them, that’s $5.98 per band

        Even if you only see 1/4 of all the performing acts, which is relatively easy to do, that’s $7.97 per band

        Considering the fact that the top four lines (at least) on each day would cost you no less than $20 (a lot of them would cost much more) plus service charges to see on their own, that’s $1320 (without the service charges) worth of shows (66 tickets at $20 a piece). Say the other 109 bands averages $10 a piece (it would be more than that), that’s another $1090 (still without service charges). So it’s reasonable to assume that you would spend, at the very minimum, at least $2410 to see all those bands otherwise. In reality, it would likely be several times more than that and it would take you years to do it.

        Even when you consider travel, camping or hotel, food and beverage costs, it’s still an incredible value. Particularly if you plan each day according to which bands you most wish to see ahead of time and stick to it as much as possible. I’ve never once felt like I didn’t get more than my money’s worth after attending. Some people will complain about it because, truthfully, people just like to complain. Honestly, that’s cool, and I hope those people never buy a ticket.

        • I don’t think that’s a fair monetary breakdown. You’re not getting full sets from anyone aside from the headliners, so you can’t compare the cost to see them at Coachella to the cost of seeing them on their own, and plus the experience isn’t always as satisfying for some of these bands. For example, Sigur Ros played in ’06 and got a similar slot as the one they have now, and it left an unfullfilling taste in my mouth because their set felt like it was over before it could even start. Same goes for LCD in ’10. On top of that, you’ll probably see 8 acts a day at best if you’re good with scheduling and don’t run into conflicts (which there will be a ton of this year for the top acts.)

          The small buzzy bands used to be the lure for me, but having been to every Coachella since ’06 sans ’11, I actually prefer just to see those small bands play for more than 35 – 45 minutes at a club with probably some other good openers. Blur has since flipped absolute headlining spots with the Stone Roses on Coachella’s website, meaning Blur is going to play a shorter set than Stone Roses just as the Strokes did to Kanye in ’11.

          So, tickets are about $375 when you include all the fees + $45 for a shuttle pass + ~$200 to split a hotel + $500 to fly there. Add food and water x 3 days (~$75)

          Throw in the fact that the crowd, depending on who you go to see, isn’t always the most likeable bunch of people and the possibility of intense heat.

          So, in my case, it’d cost roughly $1200 just to see Blur play for an hour.

          I think I’ll save my LA plane ticket money for August and see 20 bands in two days for $75 at the FYF Fest.

          • I find my self thumbs-upping both you guys here. I agree more with Cerebus on the value, but your post, Michael_, is more LOL-worthy. :)

          • If you only see 8 acts a day you’re not trying, at all! Otherwise, you’re completely missing the point. I realize the set times are shorter, but you’re still seeing them. You’re seeing them all in one place, over three days. It would take you, literally, years to see all those bands otherwise and the cost would be many times greater, no matter how you add it up. I’ve never had a problem with the crowd short of a few overly intoxicated dickheads. For the most part the Coachella crowd is a downright friendly and happy bunch. So I’ll say again, if it’s not your thing, or not the lineup you wanted, please stay home. It will make the experience better for those of us who are going.

          • Seriously man, you could stand in one place and see more than 8 acts a day. That’s a ridiculous comment.

          • More than 8 acts in a day? Are we splitting their set times? Seeing half of one band, then half of another?

            I got to the point at a festival that if I’m going to see a band (and their ~50 min set time {if that}) I’m going to stay for the whole set. Considering last year where it was 108 degrees during the day, NO BAND is worth seeing before 5-6pm. In 2012, that included missing Destroyer (my favorite album of 2011).

            It’s very, VERY easy to look at line-ups and be overwhelmed with its density. But when you step foot on those fields, it’s a MUCH, MUCH different ballgame. Going to buy water becomes more important than seeing that band that put out a cool debut album last year.

            Michael_’s breakdown is spot on. Any GREAT band you see at Coachella will always leave you with, “Man, I wish I could’ve seen them at a small venue.” Every. Time. The only exceptions tend to be the headliners who get a unique stage and crowd to perform on.

            My biggest beef is that this line-up looks like a rehash of past line-ups, similar to 2011. Saturday’s repeats from 2010 is staggering.

          • I wholeheartedly disagree with both of you. I’ve gone six times and it’s just NOT what you guys are portraying it as. If you don’t like it, don’t go.

          • i agree with this. i feel like given that coachella has a shitload of great bands on the poster, everyone thinks that oh this is gonna be great, we’ll see every band we want to see. then, HEAT. and everyone is like, shit, water vs music. water

          • i agree with this. i feel like given that coachella has a shitload of great bands on the poster, everyone thinks that oh this is gonna be great, we’ll see every band we want to see. then, HEAT. and everyone is like, shit, water vs music? water

      • So I do the $20 a show count: I count the number of shows that I would like to see, multiply that by $20, and see if that number comes out 1.5 – 2x higher than the ticket price (considering bands will most likely overlap). The $20 number came from me doing a basic average where I would most likely pay $50 to see Modest Mouse live, $35-$40 to see Grizzly Bear, and $10 to see bands like The Cloud Nothings. So I average it out to $20.

        Understandably, Coachella is more than just a music festival, it is a complete camping experience, which makes it much more worth while. For festivals like FYF, Treasure Island, and Outside Lands, you are going for the food and music, Coachella is about the 3 days of partying in the desert along with the music.

        It is a lot of money, but for me, one of my favorite vacations I take each year.

    • Please believe me that Bonnaroo is an overall better experience, I know you probably live closer to Coachella, but Bonnaroo usually has a better over lineup and you get much more bang for your buck with it being spread over four days and the extended playing set times and playing hours.

      • Yes, I live MUCH closer. It’s a 6-8 hour drive, depending on traffic and what time I leave.

        Bonnaroo may in fact be better, I’ve never been so I can’t really say one way or the other.

        Is the lineup regularly better? That would be a matter of preference, I suppose. There’s some bands that have played there that I wish were at Coachella, but for the most part they get the same bands. Either that or the bands/artists they’ve had are not ones that I cared weren’t playing at Coachella.

        Four days would be nice, because I’m taking time off anyway. But the extra day in the heat would probably be too much.

        The one thing I DEFINITELY think is better about Bonnaroo is the late night sets and the longer set times. That’s never going to change for Coachella unless they change locations, so it’s just something that you have to know going in.

        But none of that, including the possibility that Bonnaroo is better, makes Coachella a BAD festival. I’m starting to feel like there’s some kind of Coachella backlash. Like people are too cool for it all of a sudden. I don’t understand this at all. As I’ve already said, it’s a great value and you regularly (like, many times a day) are in for some incredible live music.

        • isnt there a new location for Coachella this year?

        • Well I feel like an asshole now. Sorry I came off so negatively, I guess I’ve just become so defensive about Bonnaroo on this site because it seems to be so much more of a Coachella fanbase, but I pretty much came out of nowhere with that one. That was a very good response, but of course Coachella isn’t a bad festival and it should be an awesome time this year like always. If you’re going this year one of the sleeper choices I would suggest, obviously if your schedule allows it. Is the the Violent Femmes. They put on a pretty fun set, very stripped down but its always a good time.

    • Come to SXSW, do it for free.

      Or ACL which has had some decent lineups in the past couple of years. All tickets under 200.

      Or better yet, come to Fun Fun Fun Fest for round 170 with no fees.

      Or Psych Fest, or Chaos in Tejas, or Free Week or other dirt cheap festivals in Austin.

      Austin > Overpriced Overhyped Hot as Hell Goldenvoice Palm Springs S%$tshow

  22. I think the lineup is solid. A little bit of everything.

    That being said, it’s Coachella. Expect the unexpected.

    Side note and something to maybe consider: Remember who played with Phoenix when they played at Madison Square Garden in 2010.

  23. Ah yes, Infected Mushroom or Stars. The classic conundrum.

  24. I just want to say I’m proud of you guys for avoiding hologram jokes thus far.

  25. I’d go but 2 Chainz is there. Also, Phoenix has no business being bigger than Sigur Ros, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, or even the Postal Service.

    All in all, awesome lineup. Being thousands of miles away isn’t awesome though.

  26. Hey, Ghost (the metal band, not the Japanese psych band) is playing on Sunday! That’s a selling point in and of itself. I’d love to see the full death-pope regalia and cloaks in 114 degree heat.

  27. “check(ed) them out because they’re head lining coachella… not impressed” -the highest rated comment on “I want to be adored” ouch Stone Roses. One of the worse reactions to being billed as a headliner to a major festival I’ve seen recently your most popular video is dominated by people turned off by your music haha I’m sure they’ll survive though. I know they’re very popular elsewhere, but can someone please go on the rant justifying Stone Roses being a headliner because I know somebody can come up with some good reasons, but I guess there not true “headliners” anyway because Blur’s pulling the weight. All in all I got to say this is a case of a festival counting mostly on it’s collection of artists rather than it’s headliners, but I am confident that Bonnaroo’s line-up will be superior on both accounts (quantity of quality artists and quality of headliners).

  28. With how much money Goldenvoice spends on this festival, I don’t see them being ok with having Phoenix headlining on Saturday. I base this on absolutely zero evidence, but it would be a great business move to have Daft Punk announce their set weekend of (like they did in 2006) also considering how close they are with Phoenix (as they also joined them for their set at MSG in 2010).

    I personally could care less if they show up. But weekend 1 will sell out anyways and it would leave a week scramble to get tickets for weekend 2 while also getting rid of all of the awful raver kids.

  29. Phoenix played a pretty triumphantly fabulous set at the Outdoor Theater as the sun was setting in 2010. The crowd was WAY into it, dancing, jumping and singing along. Quite a bit of it is on YouTube. Coachella is known for bringing back bands that killed it in years past and putting them on a bigger stage. Phoenix will also have a new album out sometime around the Coachella dates this year. Unless the release date has changed, but they’ll have new songs to play, regardless.

    • that’s fine and all, but my problem with phoenix headlining is this…they played 2010, with their last album out in 2009. i was at that show, and it was awesome, totally agree. but the thing is, they were the third tier of the sunday coachella lineup that year. from 2010 to now, they have not released a single album, and they have jumped up to the single headlining spot. i mean, not even blur or stone roses is headlining alone, and i would argue that they fit the headlining bill a hell of a lot better than phoenix. thing is, i like phoenix, but i really don’t see them as a headliner. i don’t know, is it just me or is the tiering like, super off this year? like is kurt vile really a bottom tier act? I don’t know. seems like almost every second tier band could have been a headliner on the second day. i think the list is solid, totally diggin it, but it does seem like they hastily put together some headliners at the last minute, just my guess

      • All fair assessments. Particularly the mention that they’ve been bumped up without the new album being released yet. Maybe they played for cheap as a way to promote it, something that would likely please Golden Voice. I just think Saturday is uniformly great for most of the day, and Phoenix was pretty stellar in 2010, so I guess it’s not bothering me much. Maybe their font should have been the same size as the next line, but that would have caused just as many questions. And then there is always the possibility that they’ll have some friends drop by (although I doubt that).

        • yeah, i agree. most likely gave GV a deal or something. to be honest, i think it will be a pretty fun closer. plus, for the general coachella-going population, they’ll all be too fucked up to care at the end of the night

  30. Wait… The Violent Femmes are getting together for this? That’s a big selling point for me.

  31. Nick Cave on before the Chili Peppers :”’D

  32. i’ll tell ya what, seems like bigger name rappers are excluded for the most part, not counting wu tang. that and they’re like bottom tier for some reason

  33. Why are you guys complaining?! You should try and be a music fan where I live, Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m getting excited because Macklemore is coming for a gig. Macklemore! I like some of his stuff, but I would kill for the likes of El-P/Earl Sweatshirt to play a show out here. Look at the wealth of bands that are playing this festival!

  34. Am I missing something on Phoenix? How are they a headliner?

    • You can’t deny that Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was their breakthrough record and one of the most acclaimed albums of 2009 so they got really popular since then. Plus a highly anticipated new album in April.

  35. blur is pam from seasons 1-3 of the office

  36. STONE. ROSES. … with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  37. a few great acts, but mehhhhhh

  38. This line up is amazing! Wish I lived closer :(

  39. man, at this point i would have rather seen MBV over RHCP, if they were going to recycle big names

  40. Who wants to carpool?

  41. I don’t know if this makes any sense from a business standpoint (obviously they are still gonna sell out both weekends) but it almost seems like they are trying to quell some of the hype that has built up around Coachella over the last few years. This lineup obviously reflects a certain kind of music fan, hence a lot of people hating on it and a lot of people loving it. Seems to me that it attracts an older music fan that pays very close attention and knows a lot about music. I mean there are so many unbelievable bands in small print that maybe the average fan has never heard of. I just think Coachella saw their beloved festival going in a direction they didn’t want it to go in (AKA teens kids running around on E) and this is their attempt at bringing it back to what they really intended. That’s not to say there isn’t a wide variety of music fans that will always attend Coachella (AKA 25+ people running around on E) but it honestly feels like this is an intentional attempt to get rid of a certain type of fan that may not be wanted, which further allows a lot of really diehard music fans to attend… and I like it

    • This really did not come off to me as an “old’ line up really to me Coachella has always had a younger sense to it’s line up than any of the the other major festivals. All the festivals have a mix, but Lolla always to have a focus on 90′s acts and already established acts, bonnaroo has a lot of new acts, indie acts, and probably more EDM, but they also appeal to older (older than 30) crowd a lot because they always have a pretty healthy handful of veterans. This year’s lineup actually comes off to me as one of their youngest lineups yet because they seem to be counting mainly on their hip music with the few anywhere close to “veteran” acts being from the 90s.

  42. The Stone Roses AND Blur together? What is this Glastonbury???

  43. ::insert jokes about holographic dead artists here::

  44. so coachella is like the only concert that Foals are playing in the US….

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  46. Seriously, who the hell is going to voluntarily watch Jake Bugg’s set? Anyway, Blur is worth 10 good bands for my taste, so Sunday works just fine for me.

  47. Why are Cloud Nothings so small?

    Also I was hoping to see my beloved Joy Formidable somewhere in the small text but alas no Coachella for them this year.

    Does Coachella stream online? As an east-coast jobless highschooler the chances of me going are about 0.000001% as of now.

  48. I know I’ve many enough Bonnaroo comparisons, but I’m happy we don’t have to argue about the font size of each artists when the line-up comes out, although they do put them in an interesting order sometimes. On a side not I really liked when they announced the line up one artist at a time like every five mintues in 2010, but it seemed absolutely nobody else liked it from what I’ve heard. I felt like it gave you a little time to give each artist a little more focus and excitement.

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