Parquet Courts - "Borrowed Time" video

Late last year, the Brooklyn-via-Texas band Parquet Courts released Light Up Gold, a ridiculously fun debut album of energetically spidery jitter-punk. Today, that album gets a wider release. So here’s a good way for the band to introduce themselves to a wider audience: A no-frills video of them reducing a crowd at Brooklyn’s Death By Audio to a sweaty pigpile. Within three minutes of hitting play on their “Borrowed Time” video, you should know just about everything you need to know about this band. Elizabeth Skadden directs; watch it below.

Light Up Gold is out now on What’s Your Rupture? Thanks to Michael_ for the tip.

Comments (6)
  1. Goddamn this guitar hook.

  2. Love this record so much.

  3. Absolutely zero thought gone into this dull video.

  4. Sorry, but this is some boring guitar work…

  5. Why do I have this crazy feeling that the band will soon give some giant corporation the okay to use this song in a commercial? At the very least, the band is going to be harassed by some ad agency for the right to use the song.

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