Youth Lagoon - Wondrous Bughouse

Trevor Powers, the young Boise native and crafter of triumphantly warm bedroom-rock who records as Youth Lagoon, will release his sophomore album Wondrous Bughouse in about a month and a half, and today we get our first taste of it. The six-minute song “Dropla” carries hazy echoes of Youth Lagoon’s debut album The Year Of Hibernation, but it’s also a bit glitchier and more idiosyncratic; it sounds like Powers has been giving himself a crash course in prime-era Elephant 6. Download it below.

Wondrous Bughouse is out 3/5 on Fat Possum.

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  1. Loving it. I’ll never die

  2. Oh absoLUTEly

  3. This is better than anything on his first album, and I REALLY liked his first album.

  4. Meanwhile, at Pitchfork: “‘After 365 days of hibernating, trevor powers emerges from the cave…’ no that won’t work. ‘Powers has emerged a year older from his youth lagoon, and this bedroom rock prince wants his hazy-synth honey.’ No, this isn’t working. Let’s just give him a 5.6 and maybe he’ll still play the Paris festival.”

  5. Should have been one of the 50 most anticipated albums of 2013.

  6. youth lagoon is important to my life. i need this album more than most people need things.

    also, i once ate tacos with trevor in indianapolis and took his portrait backstage; he’s rad!

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