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Thom Yorke is on the cover of the latest edition of the British magazine Dazed & Confused, which doesn’t seem like that great of an achievement, considering that the man can presumably pop up on any magazine cover anytime he wants, just by deigning to sit for an interview. But Yorke is apparently amped enough for this one that he’s made a new half-hour mix of unreleased songs that, in one way or another, bear his name. The mix includes alternate versions of Radiohead and Atoms For Peace songs, as well as unreleased solo tracks and a remix of Liars’ “Proud Evolution.” Hear the full mix at Dazed Digital, and check out the tracklist below.

01 Thom Yorke – “Cycles MK 3″
02 Atoms For Peace – “You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry (Unfinished Mix)”
03 Mali Musicians – “Mali: Kono, the Sacred Bird”
04 Liars – “Proud Evolution (Thom York 500quid Rmx)”
05 Thom Yorke – “I Don’t Need An Excuse (Unfinished)”
06 Radiohead – “Bloom (Treatments)”
07 Anstam – “Morning Shiver Down The Back Wood River”
08 Radiohead – “Give Up The Ghost (Thom Yorke Rmx)”
09 Atoms For Peace – “The Grind – Average Joe Vs Unless”

The debut Atoms For Peace album Amok is out 2/26 on XL.

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  1. YES! Is anyone else as pumped about the Atoms for Peace album as I am?

  2. Such a beautiful voice. Should be recorded raw instead of buried or marred by electronics.

    • I think “marred” is a bit of an overstatement… There are plenty of songs which feature either clean or lightly modified vocals from Thom – ultimately, I think the choice has to be made according to what’s best for any given track. Without vocal effects, “Climbing Up the Walls” wouldn’t be nearly as unnerving; “How to Disappear Completely” wouldn’t be the heartbreaking, ethereal masterpiece that it is (nor would ‘Kid A’ as a whole, for that matter, which is a terrifying thought); the studio version of “Like Spinning Plates” wouldn’t be half as fascinating as it is; “Feral” would be the most perplexing song title of 2011; “Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors” wouldn’t be… rev…um, revolutionary…? Anyway, there are tons of examples, but regardless of fan preferences, Radiohead – Thom Yorke, especially – have made it clear over the past twelve or thirteen years that they’re highly invested in experimenting with electronics, and they’ve generally been doing whatever they want with their music and being ridiculously innovative for about two decades now, so… impactful concluding statement that isn’t coming to mind at the moment.

      No one is actually going to read this. My new prison is shame.

    • Oh whoops, I’m pretty sure the vocals in “Climbing Up the Walls” aren’t modified with electronics, but the rest of those still work. T__T

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