Nicole - "Make It Hot"

Recently, Solange set off a minor Twitter shitstorm by calling out the writers who big-upped 2012′s avant-R&B renaissance (a renaissance that includes, among others, Solange) as being insufficiently steeped in and reverent of R&B’s recent history. As a litmus test of sorts, she mentioned Brandy deep cuts, but her affections, it turns out, also run toward brilliant ’90s one-hit wonders. While playing a show last night in London, she invited the xx’s Oliver Sim, coolly sheepish as ever, to the stage to help her cover “Make It Hot,” an absolutely wonderful minor 1998 hit, a Timbaland/Missy Elliott production for Nicole Wray. Watch fan footage of them doing the song justice below.

(via Pitchfork)

Solange’s True is out now on Terrible. Shout out to that London crowd for knowing all the words to “Make It Hot”; that’s awesome.

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  1. I’m going to have back Basement Baby on this one — Writers’ attempt to make something out of the avant-R&B / R&B pop / pop renaissance came off sounding pretty ignorant. Look at JoJo for example — She had just a handful of minor hits, but they are fantastic and still push their weight, yet along comes Pitchfork in late 2012 only giving her credit because she’s now working with “40″ and her “resurrection” adds a nice touch to their contrived genre trend. But “Too Little, Too Late” was amazing when it came out like 5 years ago or whatever, so shove off, bandwagoneers.

  2. I’m totally ignorant of this entire controversy, but seeing Solange and Oliver Sim on the same stage just makes me really happy.

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