Cold War Kids - "Miracle Mile"

Old-school first-generation blog-rock darlings Cold War Kids, still playing high up on festival bills after all these years, are mere months away from releasing their first album, which has the very first-generation blog-rock title Dear Miss Lonely Hearts. The album’s first single is a charged up pianos-and-guitars number called “Miracle Mile,” and you can hear it below.

Dear Miss Lonely Hearts is out 4/2 on Downtown.

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  1. Haha, “first-generation blog-rock” somehow pointedly sums up a certain era of my life.

  2. their first album? confused.

  3. More like fourth album.

  4. First album? Are you sure???

  5. Man, anyone remember how good “Tell Me in the Morning” from their first album is? That song is mad decent.

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    • If I were to write a newspaper review of this song it would be headlined ” Cold War ‘Killers’ ” and I would go on to discuss how it sounds like The Killers and is surprisingly good. And if I were an animal I would be a hippopotamus because they are cool. That about covers it.

  7. this has nothing to do with Starfucker…

  8. Even though I’ve never been a fan of them, I’ve always been quietly rooting for them, hoping that they could prove me wrong and redeem themselves with a big indie anthem, and here we are. It took six years and three bland albums but they’ve finally done it. Love the song. Hopefully there’s more gold on the record.

  9. I’ve always enjoyed their singles, and their albums are usually half-good/half-not-so-good. But when they hit the mark, it’s great. The singer has such a unique voice and when he uses it correctly (i.e. not belt every. single. word.), it really elevates the music. (For example, I really like the song “Something Is Not Right With Me” but the best part of it is the bridge, where he goes from yelping the lyrics to speak-singing…wish he did more of that.)

    Anyway: This song, I like it.

  10. I still think Mine is Yours had its moments. Royal Blue is a great song.

  11. only ever heard ‘hang me out to dry’ (that’s the title right?) and think it’s a great song….except for the dude’s voice. his vocals nearly killed it entirely for me. anyone else share the same feeling?

  12. The Behave Yourself EP was really fantastic, and I’ve always wanted them to reach that potential again. This could be good, but we’ll see.

  13. Mine is Yours was pretty disappointing and Loyalty to Loyalty had it’s moments, but man Robbers & Cowards was great. Hoping for a return to form for them.


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