Battles Soundtrack Target Commercial

A long time ago, So You Think You Can Dance was a pretty cool show, and I used to watch it religiously. Back then, they had this one choreographer on the show named Wade Robson who created really weird routines set to really good music (here’s an example), and I always hoped Robson would draw up a dance number to the great Battles song “Atlas.” Never happened, sadly, but it would have been a good match.

I’m not sure I ever wanted to see a Battles song (in this case “Africastle,” the opening track from 2011′s Gloss Drop) used as the soundtrack for a Target commercial in which a pregnant woman obliterates bags of potato chips and Oreos in slow motion, but nobody on Team Battles or in Camp Target called and asked me my opinion. Ah well. Nevertheless, can’t complain when I see a good, weird band getting some wide exposure and cash for their work; maybe Wade Robson will take notice and my fantasy scenario will be made reality. Watch the commersh below.

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  1. I have always been pleased when bands I like are featured in “big” commercials (seems to happen every day now–the mining of indie music continues its cheap-for-the-company, big-bucks-for-the-band forward march), but then I’ve never been one to yell “Sell out!” all that much, either. If the tunes are there, I don’t really care.

    That being said, this commercial is dumb. But I would watch it to hear Battles in between moments of daytime TV.

  2. Yo, what is Wade up to now? His routines on that show were seriously incredible.

    • Completely agree, they were awesome! Unfortunately, he hasn’t done anything for the show in quite a few seasons and SYTYCD has suffered because of it in my opinion. Wish they could get him to come back for at least a routine or two.

      • The show fell off a cliff after he stopped contributing regularly; he was an artist. I haven’t watched in two or three seasons now, but by the time I gave up, almost every single interesting choreographer had departed (with no explanation, save Shane Sparks), and the remaining group were being severely overworked to the point of repetition and dullness. I’d love to know the behind-the-scenes story of that show; I bet it’s a nightmare.

  3. You’d think they’d have used ‘Toddler’ instead.

  4. My heart stopped when I misread this as “Beatles.”

  5. I remember in high school first learning of Wade Robson through his N’Sync choreography, specifically the routine on the video “Pop.” My girlfriend at the time, who was a dancer, was obsessed with everything he did and by association, I was as well.

    Oh, and Battles is awesome. Target just got that much better.

  6. i loved when the morning benders were in that reeses peanut butter cup commercial

  7. Good for Battles i say…. If anything it means more money their way so they can carry on doing great things.
    “art house musical meanderings…” xxyx

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